Squat, Bench, Deadlift Is Not Going To Give You Devastating Knockout Power...

Discover how to strength train with scientifically proven strategies to enhance knockout power without losing speed and power.

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January 5, 2022

The discussion of which martial art is best for self-defense is endless.

Is Karate Good For Self-Defense?

January 3, 2022

Self-defense skills are something everybody should have at least some knowledge and

Is Kickboxing Good For Self-Defense?

December 25, 2021

The hands are the most critical asset of any boxer, so they

Why Do Boxers Put Their Hands In Rice?

December 23, 2021

As in any other combat sport, there are levels in boxing, both

Professional Boxing vs. Olympic Boxing

December 20, 2021

Taekwondo is a well-known martial art that emerged in the 1950s in

Is Taekwondo An Effective Martial Art?

December 18, 2021

The hands are the primary weapons in all practical striking martial arts.

How To Condition Your Knuckles (Fists Like Steel)

December 10, 2021

The most widely known and used kick in martial arts is the

How To Throw A Roundhouse Kick: Step By Step Guide

December 10, 2021

Head kicks are one of the most devastating strikes you can throw

How To Throw A Head Kick: Step By Step Guide

December 10, 2021

Debilitating your opponent’s movement by damaging his legs is usually done with

How To Throw A Leg Kick (Step By Step Guide)

December 7, 2021

Boxing is often called "The Sweet Science" because, for true success in

Boxing For Beginners: Stance, Punches, Drills

December 7, 2021

What makes a great boxer? The ability to control one's mind. You

Boxing Psychology: How To Train Your Mind

December 6, 2021

Karate and Kickboxing are the two most popular martial arts when it

Karate vs. Kickboxing: Who Would Win?

December 6, 2021

In layman’s eyes, boxing may look simple as you only need to

Why Is Boxing Called The Sweet Science?

December 2, 2021

Head movement is an integral part of boxing. Used both in offense

How To Slip A Punch: Never Get Hit Again!

December 2, 2021

Blocking a punch is the most fundamental defense in boxing and street

How To Block A Punch (Step By Step Guide)

November 28, 2021

Watch any boxing training montage, and you’ll see multiple core exercises being

Boxing Core Workout For Stronger Punches

November 27, 2021

We’ve all seen it—many professional boxers like Canelo and GGG shadowboxing with

STOP Shadowboxing With Weights

November 25, 2021

Even though it may not seem like boxers train their legs due

Boxing Leg Workout For Explosiveness

November 25, 2021

Name one boxing training montage that doesn’t involve hundreds of push-ups. I’ll

Do Boxers Do Push-Ups Every Day?

November 25, 2021

Some boxers have huge muscular physiques. Think of Mike Tyson in his

Does Boxing Build Muscle?

November 25, 2021

With Canelo being regarded as one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in

Canelo Training: Science Behind Strength & Conditioning

November 25, 2021

You watch the professional boxers on TV, and you see many of

Does Shadowboxing Build Muscle?

November 23, 2021

The cross is the second most used punch after the jab. It’s

How To Throw A Cross (Ultimate Boxing Guide)

November 23, 2021

The uppercut is the punch that seems to give most people trouble

How To Throw An Uppercut (Ultimate Guide)

November 22, 2021

When watching professional kickboxers, it’s hard to miss some of the shredded

Does Kickboxing Build Muscle?

November 21, 2021

Boxing and Taekwondo are two well-known martial arts. But if we place

Boxing vs. Taekwondo: Who Would Win?

November 21, 2021

Boxing and Krav Maga are two popular martial arts that do not

Boxing vs. Krav Maga: Which Is More Effective?

November 21, 2021

The jab may be one of the most important punches in boxing.

How To Throw A Powerful Jab: Jack Dempsey Was Right

November 21, 2021

The hook is a powerful punch that can be thrown with either

How To Throw A Hook (Complete Guide)

November 20, 2021

The calisthenic routines of many boxers would be enough to place the

Dips For Boxing: Do They Increase Punching Power?

November 19, 2021

When you find a sport or activity you love and enjoy, it

Can You Box Every Day? Is It Bad?

November 18, 2021

One thing you may notice about a boxer is their immensely muscular

Does Punching A Bag Build Muscle? (Here’s Why Not)

November 18, 2021

Just like the push-up, the pull-up is a staple bodyweight exercise used

Pull-Ups For Boxing: Are They Good?