Are You Getting Stronger But Not Seeing It Transfer To Knockout Power?

Strength Train Like A Professional Boxer! A Strength Training Program To Dominate The Ring

Professional Boxing Training Program

You've Been Pounding Away With Squats, Bench Press, & Deadlifts...

Yet, while getting stronger, you aren't seeing it translate into better boxing performance...

...Or harder punches!

So you try another strength training routine.

This time, it will be different.

Alas, the same results.

You get a little stronger, but you end up more sore than anything and you start to fatigue faster in boxing training.

Your coach starts thinking your strength training is making you slow.

And it probably is!

So you stop altogether.

But what if there was a way to hit the gym specifically to increase the speed and power of your punches?

The Solution? A Gym Program Built For Speed & Power

bench press to increase punching power

The Strength Train Like A Professional Boxer Program was created to help fighters just like YOU who are struggling to find the right solution to develop knockout power by gaining speed and power in the gym.

Punch Harder After Just 12 Weeks

This is the sole goal of this professional strength training program

Stop Guessing What To Do In The Gym

Every exercise, warm-up, sets, reps, and intensity is planned for you

Exercise Substitutes

Have niggles? Can't perform certain exercises? Each exercise has substitutes so you can always train

Periodized Training So You Don't Burn Out

Scientifically planned progression so you can recover adequately for boxing 

Minimal Effect On Boxing Training

The optimal amount of work so your boxing training isn't impaired

Build Robustness To Injury

Specifically addresses commonly injured areas that occur when boxing

What Makes This Program Unique?

Developed By An International Level Strength & Conditioning Coach

I have been worked in three different countries at the professional and International level of elite sport. Through years of experience, trial and error, and hours of research, I have developed a winning training strategy that will transfer directly to your boxing performance.

Built So You Can Train Like A Professional Boxer

Many boxers are stuck with their old routines performing endless push-ups and sit-ups or various bodybuilding routines. Unfortunately, they are missing out on key development that could be leveling up their punching power with methods that professional boxers use.

Scientifically Proven Strategies To Develop Knockout Power

Did you know that punching velocity is a key determinant in boxing performance? And did you know that elite level boxers have greater contributions from the legs when punching compared to sub-elite boxers? This and much more is what drives the training strategies behind this program.

12 Weeks To Knockout Power

Strength Train Like A Professional Boxer

Develop heavy hands and dominate the ring


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  • Strength Train Like A Professional Boxer
  • 12 Week Boxing Specific Strength Program
  • Designed To Develop Knockout Power
  • 2-3x Per Week Training

Here Is What You Get

The Strength Train Like A Professional Boxer Training Program comes with...

PDF Detailing Every Part Of Your Training

Notes, how to read the program, and the program itself is all conveniently packaged inside a PDF document so you can read it on your phone or laptop.

Video Links For All Exercises

Each exercise within the program is linked to a video you can click on so you're never guessing how to do it.

Example Week Schedules

Not sure when to perform your strength sessions? Some example scenarios are provided along with best practices.


I did 8 weeks of the Strength Train Like A Professional Boxer program and see an increase in my punching power already! Specifically in torso stiffness after rotating while punching.

Mateusz Michalak Head Coach & Owner Trifecta Gym


What Level Of Boxer Is This For?

The boxer with some boxing experience behind them will benefit the most from this program. Some experience in the gym is also desirable.

Can I Do This If I Don't Compete?

Yes, you don't need to compete to benefit. This strength training program will develop those heavy hands in just 12-weeks.

Can I Use This If I Do Other Martial Arts?

This strength training program was made specifically for the boxer. However, other striking arts can also benefit from this program to enhance punching power.

I've Never Been In The Gym. Should I Use This?

Ideally you have some gym experience behind you in order to get the most out of this program.

What Equipment Do I Need?

Barbell, rack, plates, bands, hyperextension, kettlebell, and medicine balls (all generally available at most gyms) are the key pieces of equipment you need. After this, dumbbells and a landmine base are optional.

About Me.

I have my MSc in Sport & Exercise Science, published two academic research papers, and worked as an S&C coach with professional and international athletes around the world. My biggest passion is to help combat athletes, like you, receive the best training possible to level up your performance.

I've Got A BONUS For You!

A full nutrition handbook for combat sports!

Hitting the gym and getting stronger for your punching power is only one piece of the puzzle. The other piece is your nutrition.

Without sound nutrition, gaining muscle mass or getting lean will be something you are always chasing without any results to show for it.

The Nutrition For Combat Sports Handbook will teach you: 

  • How to calculate your calories and macronutrients WITHOUT fancy, expensive equipment. Just a calculator!
  • A food checklist to guide your diet.
  • How to put together a nutrition plan with an example.

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Stop Losing Speed & Power In Your Punches And Gain It!

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Strength Train Like A Professional Boxer

12-Week Strength Training Program

Specifically designed for the boxer to develop heavy hands.

BONUS! Nutrition For Combat Sports Handbook

Get your nutrition sorted so your strength gains don't go to waste.

Don't Be Stuck Throwing Pillows For Punches

Strength Train Like A Professional Boxer

Develop heavy hands and dominate the ring


47 94

  • Strength Train Like A Professional Boxer
  • 12 Week Boxing Specific Strength Program
  • Designed To Develop Knockout Power
  • 2-3x Per Week Training