Sweet Science of Fighting is dedicated to those who love the art of fighting. From the different striking and grappling arts to mixed martial arts, this website aims to provide you with the scientific background of the arts put into practical bites that can be applied to your martial arts training.

Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence.
~ Mohandas Gandhi

Meet The Authors

James de Lacey

MSc. Sport & Exercise Science

Seth Lenetsky

PhD. Sport & Exercise Science

Canadian Institute Of Sport

MSc. Sport & Exercise Science. 3rd Degree Black Belt TKD

Elite Fight Sports Specialist

Best Instructor in Bangkok 2019

Semi-Professional Muay Thai Fighter

PhD. Performance Nutrition

Nutritionist To Rocky Fielding

Amateur Kickboxer

MMA Coach

PhD. Sports Science

Brazil Olympic Committee

6x Karate World Champ

Honors Sport Psychology