Seth is a US born sport scientist currently based out of Victoria, British Columbia. Educated in New Zealand, Seth's research focus is on expanding the understanding and optimizing performance of combat sports athletes.

You can find all of Seth's published research on his Researchgate profile here. 

As a practitioner, Seth has worked extensively with elite boxing, Taekwondo, fencing, and mixed martial art competitors.

Seth currently works in the industry as the High Performance Director of Boxing British Columbia. He can be found on twitter at @Science4FandV linked below.

Seth's Latest Posts

Seth Lenetsky

The jab may be one of the most important punches in boxing. In fact, jabs make up two-thirds of the total punches thrown in elite amateur boxing [5]! Safe to say, learning how to throw a powerful jab is likely to be one key to boxing success. To perform a power jab/left jolt both Jack Dempsey and the research agree; the key events are a lead step forward that allows

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