Dr. João Paulo Pereira Rosa graduated in Physical Education (Federal University of Uberlândia-UFU). He is a Specialist in Exercise and Psychobiological Aspects (Federal University of São Paulo-UNIFESP). A Master of Science (Department of Psychobiology - Federal University of São Paulo - UNIFESP). A Doctor in Sports Science (Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG). And a member of the Brazilian Paralympic Academy.

He works with the Brazil Olympic Committee and Brazilian Paralympic Committee to monitor training, sleep patterns and performance of athletes. Dr. João Paulo Pereira Rosa is currently developing Enhancing Sports Performance Project with MMA Fighters (UFC, BRAVE FC, EAGLE FC) which compete in different time zones around the world (e.g. Abu-Dhabi, Bahrein, Russia).

He registers and monitors sleep parameters and uses bright light therapy during an acclimatization period of athletes to promote a delay/advance in the sleep/wake cycle to minimize the symptoms of jet-lag and also improve levels of alertness (improved reaction time) at a fight time when they would normally the fighters will be preparing to go to bed.

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Dr. Joao Paulo Pereira Rosa

Everyone evolved with sports training (mainly coaches and athletes) recognize the importance of training and nutrition as essential in a high-performance sports environment. However, one factor is constantly underestimated: the recovery process.A triad composed of three factors: training, nutrition, and adequate recovery is essential for sporting success. It is time to be aware of the importance of sleep in the recovery process for the fighters.An Overview Of Sleep For FightersAmong

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