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James Lee Ramsey's martial arts journey began with kickboxing and other striking based martial arts with his father while growing up in Michigan. In 1995, he relocated to Tampa Bay, Florida and started his cross training in Judo and wrestling.  

Eventually he began his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training under current Robson Moura 3rd degree black belt and the late "crazy" James Dorson. Until 2004, he was involved with training athletes in Mixed Martial Arts before relocating to Bay City, Michigan and beginning a coaching profession at former IBF world boxing champion Murray Sutherland’s New Body Health and Fitness for more than a decade with former U.S.O.C. Greco-Roman wrestling assistant Steve Goss and former Bellator fighter John Schulz.

Although his undergraduate degree was criminology, he successfully finished a Master’s of Science with a 4.0 grade point average in Exercise Physiology for both the sports performance and cardiac rehabilitation track.

In addition, he presented a weight training thesis project “Bilateral deficit: A comparison  between upper-body and lower-body maximal strength”in 2018 that he presented at the American College of Sports Medicine World Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Shortly afterwards, he relocated to London, Ontario for doctoral training in Oxygen Uptake Kinetics The University of Western Ontario Cardiorespiratory Laboratory with a research focus on high-intensity interval training and breath-hold exercise physiology.

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James Ramsey

Endurance training for MMA is an often-misunderstood concept. Traditionally, fighters will hit the roads as their sole form of endurance training to prepare for fights. But is this going to maximize performance in the cage and why might this approach not work?What Is Endurance Training?In short, endurance training is a term most coaches commonly use to describe steady-state aerobic exercise to develop the aerobic energy system, not the anaerobic energy

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