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December 26, 2023

Humans have been grappling since time immemorial and continue to do so.

Wrestling vs. BJJ: Which Is Better?

December 6, 2023

Sambo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu are often compared as they are both grappling

BJJ vs Sambo (Which Is Better?)

November 30, 2023

The comparison between two so similar martial arts like Judo and Brazilian

Judo vs. BJJ: What Is The Difference?

November 10, 2023

The S-Mount is a variation of the mount position. It is a

S-Mount BJJ Position (Submission Options & Escapes)

November 6, 2023

Japanese Jujutsu and Brazilian jiu-jitsu are two separate martial sharing more than

Japanese Jujutsu vs. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: What’s The Difference?

October 27, 2023

Blood flow restriction training is a hidden performance enhancer no one knows

Blood Flow Restriction Training For Wrestlers & BJJ Athletes

October 19, 2023

Not having a gym or weights is not an excuse to strength

Best Bodyweight Exercises For BJJ (Including Workout)

October 17, 2023

The Anaconda choke is a variation of an arm-in choke or strangle

Finish Anyone With The Anaconda Choke (Technique & Escapes)

October 11, 2023

Leg locks have revolutionized no-gi grappling over the last decade and are

9 Fundamental Leg Lock Positions To Master Leg Locks

October 11, 2023

The Omoplata is a shoulder lock performed by isolating the shoulder and

Omoplata BJJ Submission (Technique & Escape)

September 4, 2023

Despite being visually similar, the Americana and the Kimura differ dramatically in

Americana vs. Kimura (Differences & Which Is Better?)

August 30, 2023

If you came here to learn wrestling strength training like Triple H

Strength Training For Wrestling: Best Strength Exercises & Wrestlers Weight Training Program

August 30, 2023

As a high-contact sport, BJJ requires a layer of protection between the

How Tight Should A Rash Guard Be?

July 28, 2023

While Brazilian jiu-jitsu is less traumatic than full-contact striking martial arts, the

Should You Tape Your Fingers For BJJ?

July 28, 2023

Like the Kimura, an Americana is an armlock suspected to have originated

Americana BJJ Submission: How To & Escapes

July 19, 2023

The off-season is the perfect time to work on developing insane levels

12-Week Off-Season Training Program For Wrestlers

June 26, 2023

The Kimura is an arm & shoulder lock. The technique is also

Kimura Lock (Master The Submission)

June 26, 2023

Terms in grappling sports can be confusing for someone without experience in

BJJ vs. Submission Wrestling: What’s The Difference?

June 12, 2023

The Guillotine Choke is one of the most recognized (and most commonly

How To Guillotine Choke (Complete Guide)

May 20, 2023

Traditional BJJ is practiced in a gi, which leaves no questions about

What To Wear For No-Gi BJJ?

May 16, 2023

The Triangle Choke, or Sankaku-Jime, is likely the most recognized strangle in

Triangle Choke: Ultimate Guide! (Escapes & Variations)

March 20, 2023

If you train no-gi BJJ regularly, there are no excuses not to

How To Wash A BJJ Rash Guard

March 20, 2023

Stepping into a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school, you will see most, if not

Do You Need A Rash Guard For BJJ

February 17, 2023

You may wonder if BJJ counts as cardio, so you don’t need

Is BJJ Cardio? (What About Strength?)

February 6, 2023

In addition to well-developed aerobic and anaerobic capacities (link to my article),

Explosive Power Training For Wrestling

January 26, 2023

As BJJ gains more and more popularity every year, the sport also

How To Balance Weight Training & BJJ

January 16, 2023

Judo is an intermittent sport that requires a high level of upper

Conditioning For Judo: Train Like An Olympian

December 12, 2022

While Judo is a sport of technical prowess, adding a high level

Strength Training For Judo: Become An Enforcer

November 21, 2022

Ask the average bro for strength training advice for BJJ and you’ll

Strength Training For BJJ (Best Exercises & Program)

October 27, 2022

Wrestling workouts are considered some of the hardest in any sport. Not

Developing World Class Conditioning For Wrestling

October 7, 2022

It’s something almost all BJJ practitioners ask themselves. “How often should I

How Often Should You Train BJJ? Is Every Day Too Much?

September 15, 2022

There are so many opinions on which martial arts are good for

Is BJJ Good For Self-Defense?

August 29, 2022

Wrestling is one of the few combat sports where competitions are regular

Is Creatine Good For Wrestlers: Should You Take It?

August 29, 2022

With a busy training and work schedule, many BJJ practitioners cannot find

3 Powerful BJJ Dumbbell Workouts For Strength, Size & Power

August 18, 2022

Like most martial arts, BJJ athletes are typically obsessed with core workouts.

BJJ Core Workouts For Performance

July 23, 2022

Conditioning for BJJ is often seen as grueling body weight or weight

Conditioning For BJJ (Best Exercises & Program)

July 6, 2022

Catch wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu are two sides of the same coin.

Catch Wrestling vs. BJJ: What’s The Difference?

June 30, 2022

Brazilian jiu-jitsu was created around the concept that a smaller and physically

Does BJJ Teach Takedowns?

May 25, 2022

The creators of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the Gracie family, popularized their grappling style

No-Gi vs. Gi Jiu Jitsu: Differences & Which To Choose

April 19, 2022

Cutting weight is seen as a badge of honor in combat sports.

How To Cut Weight For BJJ (Properly!)

April 1, 2022

If you’re looking for a cardio option that doesn’t involve rolling or

Rowing For BJJ: Good Cardio?

March 27, 2022

Screw going for a long run. Why not blast yourself with 10

HIIT For BJJ: Best BJJ Cardio?

March 24, 2022

Powerlifters are the kings of deadlifting. While we shouldn’t take everything from

Deadlifts For BJJ: Are They Good?

March 22, 2022

Jumping rope, aka skipping, has been around for decades as a tool

Jumping Rope For BJJ: Should You?

March 22, 2022

The build-up to a BJJ competition can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re

Should You Train The Day Before A BJJ Competition?

March 20, 2022

“How much you bench, bro?” It’s the most common question you’ll get

Bench Press For BJJ: Should You?

March 18, 2022

Long 5 am runs are ingrained in tradition within martial arts. Within

Running For BJJ: Should You Run For Conditioning?

March 18, 2022

BJJ practitioners can become obsessed with the calisthenics movement. Endless push-ups, pull-ups,

Pull-Ups For BJJ: Are They Good?

November 22, 2021

A big strong neck for jiu-jitsu is going to help you finish

Strengthen Your Neck For Jiu-Jitsu (Try These!)

November 19, 2021

Many of the modern era BJJ athletes have physiques resembling old school

BJJ & Bodybuilding: Can You Do Both?

November 18, 2021

The hype supplement companies place on their supplements is highly unbelievable. I

Creatine For BJJ: Should You Take It?

November 17, 2021

As BJJ becomes more professional, and the prize purses become larger, we

Does BJJ Build Muscle?

November 12, 2021

Wearing a mouthguard for BJJ can be a pain, quite literally. Those

Should You Wear A Mouthguard For BJJ?

November 3, 2021

It’s every wrestler’s worst nightmare. Being stuck at home thinking about all

Wrestling Workouts At Home: No Equipment Needed

November 2, 2021

If you want to dominate your competition on the mats, having extra

Wrestlers Power Diet To Gain Muscle

October 25, 2021

So, you’ve been wondering… should you add yoga or strength training to

Yoga Or Strength Training For BJJ?

October 19, 2021

Shadow wrestling is more than a way to drill technique. It is

Shadow Wrestling: How, What, & Why Of Solo Wrestling Drills

August 16, 2021

Knee pain can come at you at any time when training a

4 Exercises To Reduce BJJ Knee Pain

July 23, 2021

Want to wear some cool designs while your roll? Or just keep

Should You Wear Underwear With Spats?

June 27, 2021

There’s nothing worse. Being stuck on the bottom, not being able to

6 Ways To Never Gas Out During BJJ

May 10, 2021

We’ve all seen weight loss success stories from larger individuals joining a

BJJ For Weight Loss (Free Diet Plan!)

May 9, 2021

So, you’ve just started training BJJ again after a long layoff. Or

Sore After BJJ? 8 Kick-Ass Ways To Reduce & Prevent Soreness

May 3, 2021

I love sandbag training. There’s nothing more primal than picking up a

3 Best Sandbag Exercises For BJJ & Grapplers And Benefits

April 28, 2021

There are plenty of calisthenic videos on YouTube. They are pretty impressive!

Calisthenics For BJJ: Are They Enough?

November 28, 2020

There’s nothing worse in jiu-jitsu than having your neck cranked on, or

Dealing With Neck Pain & Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

October 1, 2020

Every year you say you’re going to start BJJ. Now you’ve turned

What To Know Starting BJJ At 30

September 27, 2020

We’ve all faced an opponent that has grabbed our wrist or gi

How To Improve Grip Strength For Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)