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January 8, 2023

Shorts are an essential piece of MMA training equipment and one of the first things you'll need. They let you kick high without obstruction, roll around freely, and won't stick to your skin once you are dripping with sweat, something that you can't say for general fitness clothing. But how to choose out of all the styles, models, and designs? We are here to help you narrow your choice and eliminate possible confusion.

Revgear Travel Locker XL Fighter Backpack

Best BJJ Backpack

Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag Backpack

Best BJJ Duffel Bag




Duffel Bag/Backpack


Revgear Travel Locker XL Fighter Backpack

This BJJ bag is absolutely epic. They don’t lie when they call it “The Beast," as it is truly spacious and the largest backpack I own. It has three main compartments:

  • Back compartment for laptops, books, tablets, etc.
  • Middle compartment for all your fight gear.
  • Front compartment for pens, keys, and anything else.

The middle compartment is the largest and holds 3 gis and more. Their video does it more justice than my written word:

I put the claim of fitting 3 gis and more to the test and packed 3 of my A3-sized Gi’s, my rash guard, and shorts with plenty of room for drink bottles, a towel, and a change of clothes. I can still fit my laptop in the back compartment.

Best BJJ Gear Bag

Most importantly, the straps and back are padded with a large backpack, so it doesn't dig into you when you are lugging your heavy BJJ bag to the gym. Some extra features include a waterproof side pocket for your drink bottle and a small top compartment for your phone with a headphone socket.

The material of the bag is thick and sturdy. I've had cheap bags that feel like thin rain jacket material that can easily rip. The Revgear Travel Locker XL Bag is different. Further, the zips are thick and high quality, so you can be sure they don't break with heavy use.

One feature this bag does not have is a special compartment for wet and sweaty BJJ gear. In my opinion, this isn't a deal breaker, as I don't want to put sweaty clothes back in my bag anyway! I throw them on the car floor for the drive home.

If you take public transport, this could be a problem. But since this is your BJJ gym bag, you can always reserve another pocket for your sweaty gear as you travel home.

This is one of those bags you take on as an airplane carry-on so you can pack your entire week into the bag. You can read my full in-depth breakdown in my Revgear Travel Locker XL Backpack review.


  • It will fit all of your BJJ gear in one bag.
  • Padded straps and back for comfort.
  • Padded laptop and tablet area for personal use.


  • No dedicated sweat gear pocket.

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Revgear Travel Locker XL "The Beast" Backpack

Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag Backpack

You've found the best on the market if you're looking for an all-in-one duffel bag and backpack combo. The Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag is large and spacious and has backpack straps you can attach or detach depending on what kind of bag you want.

The first thing you’ll notice is the thickness of the heavy-duty zip. I love this, as thin zips on large bags like this break easily. It also has breathable mesh pockets on the side where you can put sweaty BJJ gear.

The material is heavy-duty nylon, and you can feel it's a sturdy bag. Outside of the backpack straps, there is a single over-the-shoulder strap to carry it like a duffel bag. You can detach this if you want to keep it as a backpack.

Revgear BJJ Duffel Bag

To show you how big this duffel bag is, I loaded 3 of my A3-sized Gi’s, my rash guard, and shorts.

Revgear BJJ Gear Duffel Bag

There's still plenty of room for other gear you'd want to fit. Not to mention you probably won't be taking three Gis to the gym.


  • Doubles as a duffel bag and a backpack.
  • Heavy-duty nylon and thick zips make it long-lasting.
  • Mesh side pockets you can use to put sweaty gear.


  • It's one big compartment, so everything mixes together.

Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag/Backpack

How To Pick The Best BJJ Bag


The most apparent feature of a BJJ bag is size. Especially if you're lugging your Gi, a change of clothes, and shower essentials. It becomes even more important if you're going straight from work or studying, where you have your BJJ gear and work mixed into one bag.

The bags on this list are large enough to hold all your training gear and anything else you need that day. Further, if you are more than a BJJ practitioner and dabble in striking arts, you’ll need the space to hold your gloves, headgear, shin guards, and other equipment.

Quality Materials & Zips

You want a bag made from heavy-duty material that isn't going to rip and with zips that aren't going to come apart when you accidentally pull too hard. I’ve had bags made of thin material you feel you can tear with your hands.

Further, the zips are thin and flimsy, so you know if you fill the bag too full and tug on the zip, something will break. Go with well-put-together BJJ bags like the ones on this list.

Wet & Sweaty Gear Compartment

This is more important for those who don’t drive to training and take public transport or walk. You want to avoid mixing your used training gear with your clean clothes or other things in your bag. So, a separate compartment for sweaty clothes is useful.

However, if you drive to training, there is no need for one. Just put your sweaty gear on the floor or in your trunk.

Frequently Asked BJJ Bag Questions

What Should Be In A BJJ Gym Bag?

Your BJJ essentials in a gym bag are your Gi and belt, rash guard and shorts (depending on the class type), mouthguard, cup, and drink bottle. That's it. If you're showering or changing at your gym, then a towel and a change of clothes will be needed.


These two Revgear BJJ bags are the best you’ll find. They solve the main issue with BJJ bags which, in my experience, is size. They are extra large, so you can carry everything you need and your daily work or study supplies if you hit the mats straight after work.

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Revgear Travel Locker XL Fighter Backpack

Revgear Travel Locker XL “The Beast” Backpack

Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag Backpack

Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag/Backpack

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