I Tried The Hit N Move Turtle Mitts (My 2024 Review)

January 8, 2024

Punching mitts are invaluable for developing boxing techniques and improving speed, accuracy, and tactics. Nothing beats a great synergy between a fighter and coach.

Progress is instant when everything clicks in the same rhythm. But sometimes, equipment may disrupt that rhythm, and the Hit N Move Turtle mitts aim to correct this flaw.


  • Unique turtle shell design
  • The shell allows effortless and painless holding for body strikes
  • Premium materials and construction feel amazing and guarantee durability
  • Provide excellent shock absorption, especially considering the overall dimensions


  • Price may not be justified for hobbyists and part-time coaches.
Hit n Move Turtle Mitts

Hit N Move Turtle Mitts Rating

Fairtex FMV9 live up to their name as The Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts. The curved design and two bumps make life easy for pad holders and drastically decrease the fatigue and pain typical for long sessions.







Hit N Move Turtle Mitts

The Hit N Move Turtle mitts are a unique offering on the market of boxing mitts and fall into the category of micro focus mitts. I can crown them the division king even before we get deeper into the review. But let's first see the official key features.

  • Groundbreaking design inspired by an actual turtle
  • Top quality genuine leather
  • Allow to be hit on both sides
  • Unrivaled protection for the coach’s hands

Hit N Move Turtle Mitts Review


Hit N Move Turtle Focus Mitts

These mitts' main feature is the back side, designed like a turtle shell. The idea was to create a solution allowing coaches to hold mitts for body shots without sacrificing their wrists, elbows, and shoulders. Instead of using weird angles, you can hold your hand naturally, and the fighter hits the back of the mitt, which is padded almost as much as the front.

The Hit N Move Turtle are double-sided pads. While other models on the market have tried to make both sides equally hittable, all of them are bulky and uncomfortable.

The turtle shell is made from multiple pieces varying in thickness, creating a round design close to the real-life prototype. The padding on the back is very firm and protective.

Using The Hit N Move Turtle Mitts

The idea behind the design hit the Hit n Move owner Ozhan Akcakaya while he was on a run and helped a turtle cross the road. As he was holding the turtle in his hand, he realized the potential of nature's creation to be used in a boxing mitt.

The overall size of the Turtle Mitts is relatively small. As I said, these ideally fit in the micro pad category as they are smaller than air mitts and smaller than pear-shaped curved pads, which are the most popular type used around gyms.

But at the same time, they don't feel like micro mitts when you hold them; they feel much more solid and dependable.

So, while the hitting area is sized as in micro mitts, the overall padding and hand compartment are average in size while the weight remains as light as possible.

All Hit N Move products have a clean and classy design. Here, you have everything in deep and saturated black, with a small yellow logo in the center of the turtle shell and a logo and the model's name on the hitting area. Black and yellow is a classic color combination that looks fantastic in high-quality leather.

Materials and Construction

Hit N Move Turtle Mitts Material

Speaking of materials, the Hit N Move Turtle mitts are made from high-quality genuine leather, which looks, feels, and smells every part of it. The texture is smooth, and you can see the grain of the leather, which I love.

As far as production quality goes, everything is stitched together perfectly, and the construction is as solid as it can be.

On the inside, you get a synthetic mesh material, which does a great job of guiding the moisture away and doesn't get overly slippery. The other part of the mitts with another material type is the wrist part, where you will find a small mesh.

Using The Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts

Hit N Move Turtle Mitts Price

I will start this section by saying that these mitts are aimed at professionals. The design and the price make them a tool for people who know how to use them and will appreciate them wholly.

The overall size of the mitts is small, and they are focus mitts in every sense of the word. The Hit N Move Turtle mitts are for fast, accurate punches and blistering combinations.

If the puncher is accurate and the holder knows what he is doing, these pads are perfect for creating magical sequences people love to watch on social media.

Hitting the mitts right in the middle is satisfying, and the pop is audible. The padding is firm and shock-absorbing, especially considering the overall dimensions. You can confidently take strong punches and not worry about your hands.

But there is always a limit. Regardless of how well the Turtle Mitts are made, they remain micro mitts in size and are not made for full power strikes from heavy hitters.

Turtle Mitts Hit N Move

They do not have the same level of shock absorption as air mitts, nor are they intended to. And obviously, the Turtleback is not made to protect you from a full-power heavyweight body punch.

The key feature of these mitts is the Turtleback, which works perfectly for what it was designed to do. You can hold the mitts for solar plexus strikes, liver shots, and all other body strikes effortlessly without having to come up with weird angles.

This makes level-changing combinations a breeze both for the pad holder and for the puncher, who doesn't have to worry about injuring their coach or disrupting the punching rhythm by having to wait for the holder to place the pad in place. There is no denying the design is genius.

Even though these are designed mainly for boxing combination work, I have found that the size and recessed padding in the middle work great for MMA gloves.

The smaller size of the gloves makes them a perfect fit for the mitts. You can also throw in the occasional kick or knee, but they must be done with care and without force.

Let’s talk a bit about comfort.

The Turtle mitts are super comfortable to hold. The hand compartment is average in size and will accommodate most hands.

There is a pronounced palm ball inside, which is a must, in my opinion, and helps you hold the mitts firmly, with conviction, and with the ability to withstand solid punches.

A nice feature all coaches will appreciate is the additional wrist pad, which is soft, comfortable, and helps alleviate pressure on the wrist.


All of the superlatives I've poured on the Turtle mitts come at a price of almost $300. This will be way out of their limit for most people, and part-time coaches and hobbyists, this is understandable.

But for professional coaches who have to hold pads for hours at a time, the Turtles are well worth it.

The cost of a pair of Winning pads is around $500, and other pro-level mitts are also around the price tag of the Turtle. But none of them have this innovative design and will allow you to hold for body shots, so if you are on the market for premium-level mitts, the Turtle mitts are worth every cent.


The Hit N Move Turtle mitts offer a unique design that is not only innovative for the sake of it but works perfectly for what's intended.

These are the best double-sided mitts and allow effortless transition into body strikes while retaining the weight and feel of micro mitts. The Turtle mitts are perfect for professional coaches and people who want the best products and can justify the high price tag.

Hit N Move Turtle Mitts

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Plamen has been training for the last 14 years in karate and kickboxing, before settling in for MMA for the last 5 years. He has a few amateur kickboxing fights and currently trains with and helps a stable of professional and amateur MMA fighters.


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