Best Weighted Boxing Gloves (2024): Coach’s Top 24 Oz Picks

February 5, 2024

Weighted boxing gloves have been around for ages but have never become mainstream. Their main benefit is the stamina and muscle endurance gains you get courtesy of the extra weight, but many people find it pointless to buy a separate pair of gloves just for this.

However, some weighted gloves are versatile and can be used for all types of training, including sparring, and the models I have handpicked for this list all fit this description.

Hit N Move 24 Oz Boxing Gloves

Best Weighted Boxing Gloves

Ring to Cage Deluxe MiM-Foam Sparring Gloves

Best Budget Weighted Boxing Gloves

Ringside Apex Flash

Best Weighted Boxing Gloves For Women







Genuine leather




Hit N Move 24 Oz Boxing Gloves

Although Hit N Move does not offer many products, each one—including their 24-ounce All Day gloves—represents a significant advancement in the market. We all know the drawbacks of weighted gloves- they are too bulky, specific, and uncomfortable. None of these points are valid for the 24-ounce All Day gloves.

Somehow, Hit N Move have managed to squeeze 1.5 lbs. or 24 ounces of padding in the dimensions of a 14-ounce glove.

When you place the 24-ounce glove next to a 16-ounce one, the only difference is that the 24-ounce one is slightly taller, but this doesn't change how they feel.

So let me explain what you get in clear language. These gloves have the size and feel of a standard boxing glove but weigh 1.5 lbs., which means you can reap all the benefits of weighted gloves without any sacrifices. It doesn't get better than that.

Regarding materials and construction, like always with Hit N Move, everything is of premium quality. 100% high-quality genuine leather, moisture-wicking lining, exceptional padding technology, and flawless construction and craftsmanship.

With the same padding technology, shape, and feel of their extraordinary regular gloves, the Hit N Move 24-ounce All Day gloves can be used for sparring, bag work, pads, partner drills, and everything else you want in the gym.


  • Have the same shape and feel as 16-ounce gloves, making them the most versatile weighted gloves
  • At 1.5 lbs., you will build speed and shoulder endurance
  • Top-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Super comfortable


  • Quite expensive, but the price is justified for what you are getting

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Hit N Move 24 Oz Boxing Gloves

Hit N Move All Day 24oz

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Best Budget Weighted Boxing Gloves

Ring to Cage Deluxe MiM-Foam Sparring Gloves

Ring to Cage Deluxe MiM-Foam Sparring Gloves

If you want heavy 24-ounce gloves you can use for sparring and not only for heavy bags but don't want to spend a fortune for Hit N Move, you can get Ring to Cage. These have been on the market for nearly a decade and are a solid choice for sparring gloves.

Like Hit N Move, these gloves do not use additional weights but distribute the weight in the padding, making them versatile and usable in many situations.

The Ring to Cage gloves are made from genuine leather and are among the most protective gloves you can wear.

They are a lot bigger than Hit N Move, but this is to be expected from a glove with this weight. A key feature of this model is the double strap wrist support system, which provides excellent stability, but at the same time, many people are finding it difficult to put on the gloves without help.

So, if you want budget 24-ounce gloves you can use for endurance work, or if you are a heavy dude needing all the protection you can get, the Ring to Cage MiM gloves are a suitable choice.

This model is also available in 18, 20, and 22 Oz, so you can choose the most suitable weight.


  • Weight is evenly distributed across the glove
  • Available in 24, 22, 20, 18 and 16 ounces
  • Competitive price for genuine leather gloves


  • A bit bulky
  • The strap system makes putting the gloves on your own hard
Ring to Cage Deluxe MiM-Foam Sparring Gloves

Ring to Cage Deluxe MiM-Foam Sparring Gloves

Best Weighted Boxing Gloves For Women

Ringside Apex Flash

Ringside Apex Flash

Female fighters usually don’t need the same weight men do. While I believe 16 ounces is more than enough for most ladies, 18 ounces can easily be considered weighted for them.

Of course, both the Hit N Move 24-ounce gloves and the Ring to Cage are unisex and can be used by both sexes, but the Ringside Apex is offered in 18 ounces and a few exciting color options, more suitable for women.

The Ringside Apex gloves are well-reviewed on Amazon for a good reason. For a very modest price, you get decent quality gloves that are durable, comfortable, and have a sleek and interesting design. They are suitable for both bag work and sparring.

A solid feature everyone can appreciate, especially women, is that these are compact on the inside and outside, making them ideal for everyone with smaller hands.

The fact they are offered in 18 ounces makes them a perfect choice for women who want something heavier than usual but without having to wear two sets of hand wraps or look like a cartoon character with hands as big as their bodies.


  • 18 ounces should be considered weighted gloves for most women
  • Great value for the price
  • Snug hand compartment and compact shape
  • A lot of color options, some of which are specifically targeted to women


  • Not the most durable gloves out there, but this is to be expected for the price
Ringside Apex Flash

Ringside Apex Flash

How To Pick The Best Weighted Gloves


The most important aspect of weighted gloves is how the extra weight is added and what you can use them for. Of course, the materials and construction are always important, but with weighted gloves, the type comes first.

Classic weighted gloves use removable weights around the wrist. Title boxing have a few different models using this technology.

This solution has the advantage of being able to adjust the weight depending on your needs and current shape, but at the same time, having metal bars on your wrists means the gloves can be used only for bag work.

This design is also not overly gentle to the wrist. Furthermore, the feel of the weight concentrated on your wrists differs from when the weight is distributed around the entire glove.

The benefit is that you can add more weight to this type of glove. For example, Title Boxing models weigh 14-16 ounces without the extra weights, and you can load them with 1.5-2 lbs. metal bars.

The other type of weighted gloves, which is infinitely superior in my opinion, are gloves that have the extra weight distributed evenly in the padding of the glove.

This makes punching feel natural, and the extra padding provides additional knuckle protection for the puncher and their training partners.

This is the second significant benefit. Unlike gloves with metal parts, heavier padding gloves can be used for all purposes any regular pair of gloves can.

You can spar, do partner drills, and still do heavy bag work with your weighted gloves and reap all the benefits.

The problem with most gloves that add weight to the padding is they are gigantic. A typical sparring glove weighs 16 ounces, while weighted gloves come at 20 to 24 ounces, and all the extra weight means extra volume.

The unnatural size inevitably makes the gloves less realistic, as you will have to spar with two giant pillows on your hands.

This is not the case with the Hit N Move 24 Oz gloves, which are the size of a regular 14-ounce glove but weigh 1.5 lbs. worth of high-quality padding. This is why I've chosen them as the best weighted gloves on the market.

Benefits Of Weighted Gloves

Hit N Move Weighted Boxing Gloves

Increased Resistance

The main goal of weighted gloves is to increase resistance. The extra weight from the gloves aims to improve your muscle endurance.

Holding your hands up, punching, and generally moving with more weight strapped to your hands puts more load on the shoulders and arms.

This is true for all types of weighted gloves (with added additional weights and heavier padding).

Increased Speed

It's not entirely clear if weighted gloves increase the speed of your punches, but when you are used to punching with heavier gloves, your strikes will be faster when you move to a lighter pair.

More Protection

When the additional weight is integrated into the padding, heavier gloves provide more protection for the puncher and their training partners.

Like 16-ounce gloves are more protective than 10 ounces, 24 gloves have more padding than regular sparring gloves.

For people north of 230 lbs., having heavier gloves with more cushioning becomes necessary rather than a training modality to improve muscle endurance.

Drawbacks Of Weighted Boxing Gloves

Increased Risk Of Injury

The extra weight loads the muscles and makes them work harder, but also places more strain on joints and ligaments. You may injure an elbow or shoulder if you shadowbox with weights and extend the punches fully.

Limited Use

Most people use weighted gloves only occasionally when they want to work on endurance. This means you need to have one pair of gloves in addition to what you typically use.

In the case of Hit N Move, they are every bit as practical as 14- or 16-ounce gloves, but the fact that they weigh 24 ounces remains. If you are preparing for a competition, the difference between the weighted gloves and the competition pair may be too significant and throw you off.

Larger Size

The extra padding means weighted gloves are bulkier on the outside. Some people don’t mind this much, but I find it awful.

Gigantic pillows drastically change how you box because they are harder to land around the guard while at the same time making defense easy and can create some bad habits.

If you only use them on a heavy bag, this is not an issue, but if you spar, the extra bulk is something I would avoid at all costs.

Frequently Asked Weighted Boxing Gloves Questions

Are Weighted Gloves Good?

Weighted boxing gloves are good if you know what to use them for. They are not for beginners and serve a specific purpose- to increase the boxer’s stamina.

If you need to work on that area, weighted gloves are an excellent way to condition your body while working on specific techniques or tactics.

What Are The Benefits Of Weighted Gloves?

Weighted gloves increase stamina, muscle endurance, and the speed of your punches. Gloves with more padding instead of outside weights are also more protective.

Can You Spar With Weighted Boxing Gloves?

If the gloves are weighted by adding more or different types of padding, you can safely spar with them. If you get a model using metal bars to increase the weight, they can only be used on the heavy bag.


The Hit N Move 24-ounce All Day gloves are the ultimate weighted gloves because they can be used as any other pair of all-around gloves while reaping the benefits of the extra weight.

If buying this premium product is outside your budget or you want weighted gloves only for heavy bag use, you can get the Ring to Cage 24-ounce gloves or even something from Title Boxing with metal bars on the wrists.

Hit N Move 24 Oz Boxing Gloves

Hit N Move All Day 24oz

Code "SSOF" for 10% OFF

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