Revgear Travel Locker XL Backpack Review (2024)

January 14, 2023

There is an inherent problem with the backpack. It’s never big enough to fit all your fight gear and everything else you need daily. But Revgear has solved this problem by creating the Travel Locker XL Bag.

This instantly became my bag of choice, and you'll see why below!


  • It holds all your fight gear, so you don't need multiple bags or to hold equipment that doesn't fit.
  • Laptop pocket if you’re doubling up your bag for work so you can have one bag for your entire day.
  • High-quality zips and durable material so you don't break zips or rip fabric if you fill the bag.
  • Padded back and straps, so it doesn't dig into your shoulders and is comfortable wearing it.


  • It doesn't have a specific sweaty and wet clothing compartment, so if you travel by public transport or walk, you may need to bring a plastic bag for those clothes.
Revgear Travel Locker XL Fighter Backpack

Revgear Travel Locker XL Backpack Rating

The Revgear Travel Locker XL Backpack has become my bag of choice for training and daily life. It's large enough to fit anything I need!








Use code "SWEETSCIENCE" for 10% OFF

Revgear Travel Locker XL Backpack

Use Code "SWEETSCIENCE" for 10% OFF

Revgear Travel Locker XL Backpack

Material & Quality

The first thing you'll notice, other than the enormous size, is the thickness and quality of the bag material. I have some bags that feel so thin that I could tear them apart, and I'm worried that if they are too heavy, they'll tear while wearing them.

The Revgear Travel Locker XL Bag is undoubtedly rip-proof. Further, the zips feel solid and won’t break when the bag is packed to the brim.


There's a reason they've labeled this bag "The Beast." The middle compartment holds 3 gis and more. I put this to the test and loaded it with 3 gis, my rash guard, and shorts. There is still room for other essential training items like drink bottles, towels, change of clothes, etc.

Revgear Travel Locker Bag With Gear

If you are a striker or MMA athlete, you can fit your gloves, shin guards, headgear, and anything else you need for training. That’s what makes this backpack unique. You have a laptop compartment in the back pocket for daily use or if you need one bag that doubles as a work and training bag.

The front pocket has your typical pen and key slots. There are waterproof cool side pockets to hold your bottle and a small top compartment for your wallet and phone.


Revgear Travel Locker XL Backpack Size

Yea… it's big. The kind of bag you'd take as carry-on luggage for your week away because you can load it with your entire week of clothing. This may put some fighters off if you’re looking for a smaller backpack to take to training.

But for fighters with a lot of gear or who need to add work or study supplies, the Revgear Travel Locker XL bag has you covered.


Revgear Travel Locker XL Backpack Straps

The strap and back padding can be a deal breaker if you're after a backpack because you need to walk or take public transport. This bag has some of the thickest strap padding I've experienced, making it perfect for long periods on your shoulders.


I get it. $99.99 isn’t a typical price for a backpack and can be a deterrent. Even using "SWEETSCIENCE" as a discount code makes it $90. However, the value for money is there. I have $80 backpacks that are so bad I regret getting them.

I don't regret getting the Revgear Travel Locker XL bag, and I love it. It's become my backpack of choice when I need a bag for the day.


If you're after a bag to fit all your training gear and still be comfortable wearing it, or you need a bag big enough to fit your training and study or work gear, then you've found it. Seriously, get this backpack! It gets my stamp of approval. Hence why I ranked if the best BJJ bag.

Use code "SWEETSCIENCE" for 10% OFF

Revgear Travel Locker XL Backpack

Use Code "SWEETSCIENCE" for 10% OFF

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