Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves Review (2024)

January 13, 2023

Boxing gloves are the most critical gear for boxing and striking combat sports. Even if you are training in MMA, striking sparring is still done with heavy boxing gloves. The common principles in decent gyms dictate that you use one pair of gloves for bag work and another for sparring. 

Bag gloves have firmer padding that gives you more feedback and is more durable. In contrast, sparring gloves are big and soft to protect the partner but are easily destroyed when used on a heavy bag.

But in recent years, many companies have ventured to produce all-around training gloves that can safely be used for sparring and partner drills but also be suitable for pummeling heavy bags and pads. This is certainly great, as it saves you the trouble of changing gloves mid-training.

But do they hold up to the promise? I certainly think so.


  • High-quality grain leather will last forever, so you never need to buy another pair of gloves.
  • Very compact but also protective, so your hands and knuckles don't take a beating.
  • Very comfortable so that you can wear them for long boxing sessions.
  • Exceptional wrist stability for reducing wrist pain and injury.
  • Great for both bag work and sparring so that you can have one pair of gloves for all training.


  • Very expensive, but you pay for the quality and versatile use case.
Hit N Move All Day Boxing Gloves

Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves Rating

Despite being a relatively unknown brand, Hit N Move from Virginia has created a boxing glove called the All Day Balance that should be the only glove in your gym bag. 







Bag Work

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Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves

Use Code "SSOF" for 10% OFF

Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves

Who Are Hit N Move

Before we get into my experience with the Hit N Move All Day gloves, let’s see who makes them. Hit N Move is a small family business from Virginia, USA, run by NASM trainer and boxer Ozzie Akcakaya and his wife.

In my experience, small, passionate teams produce much better goods and services for the end user than big corporations that only go after profit.

Hit N Move produces a small number of items. Still, each has something unique and innovative that aims to provide a better experience to athletes. Let's see what the official information says.

  • Grained Premium Leather: Crafted with 100% genuine high-grade "grained" cowhide leather to provide a natural cushion that delivers a next-level balanced punching experience.
  • DR-T Compression: Proprietary foam padding that increases instant feedback and protection.
  • Smart Fit: Compact design provides a smart fit that creates a swift and sleek punching experience.
  • Moisture-Wicking Technology: Proprietary ALL DAY® moisture-wicking technology creates a dry chamber throughout the interior of the gloves.
  • ALL DAY® Padding Technology: Built-in layered design with perfected knuckle support.
  • Designed in the USA: All gloves are designed and engineered in the USA.

I've spent hard training sessions testing the Hit n Move 16 oz boxing gloves. These gloves far exceed their competitors in the market.

Craftsmanship And Quality


Hit N Move Boxing Glove Genuine Leather Close Up

Despite what some manufacturers advertise, genuine leather is still the best material for boxing gloves. With that said, there are various levels of quality in leather, and Hit N Move has chosen high-quality grained leather. A quick search online will show you that the more grain the leather has, the more durable it is.

Looking at the gloves up close, you can see the texture of the leather, and the look and feel are outstanding. With constant wear and tear in the gym, I sincerely doubt the leather will ever give way.

A friend in my gym who works as a leather smith told me that this leather would last forever, even though I didn't tell him anything about the gloves or that I was testing them.


I cannot discern how good or long the stitching will last, but I can see that all the stitches are even and perfectly lined. This is excellent craftsmanship.


Hit N Move Palm

The lining, like with other high-level gloves, has logos on it and is very comfortable. While some gloves use a smoother lining, Hit N Move opted for the moisture-wicking fabric, which has a bit more of a nylon feel. While this takes away from the feel, the gloves don't hold up so much moisture and dry up quickly.

Putting the gloves on with bare hands is easy and smooth, but trying that with hand wraps while sweaty is more complex. With a smoother lining, this would be easier, but for me, I prefer better moisture-wicking and less smell.


The padding on a glove that suits all purposes is the trickiest part, but Hit N Move has hit the mark. The padding is placed in four layers to cover your needs in different training scenarios.

Hit N Move DR-T Padding

The innermost layer is memory foam for a good fit, followed by the high point of the padding called the DR-T compressor that reserves the punch and doesn't let all the impact go into your hands but still allows you to feel the feedback.

The padding on the 16-ounce glove is distributed evenly on the knuckles and top of the glove. It is of medium softness, and there is a good chunk of padding on the forearm portion of the glove, which is perfect for stability and blocking.

The Hit N Move boxing gloves are perfect for sparring, bag, and pad work and offers far better knuckle protection compared to bag gloves like Cleto Reyes.

Comfort And Feel


What impressed me the most was how compact the gloves were while being so protective. I hate bulky pillows. I understand they are designed to protect people while sparring. Still, we are doing combat sports, so some bumps and bruises are inevitable.

Using gigantic pillows on your hands is unrealistic. Most 16-ounce gloves are enormous, and you can never squeeze them around the guard, but there is none of that with the Hit N Move. This includes gloves like Winning and Cleto Reyes that aren't compact like Hit N Move.

I've browsed reviews for their older iterations, and they used to be bigger, but the current model is just the perfect size for a 16-ounce glove. The overall shape is ergonomic, and feels effortless to throw punches. 


Hit N Move Padded Boxing Gloves

The inside compartment of the glove is also compact and snug, which is an excellent thing for me. I have medium-sized hands, and the gloves fit perfectly, even without a hand wrap, which has never been the case for me with 16 ounces.

I have tried it with wraps, and it also feels good, but it isn't necessary. The first time I put the gloves on, they felt a bit too rigid.

But after 10 rounds on the bag, everything was broken in, and the All Day Balance gloves are now incredibly comfortable. I plan on using them without wraps—something I've never done before, regardless of the size of the gloves.

Wrist Protection

Hit N Move Boxing Gloves Wrist Support

The wrist protection was the next thing that impressed me the most after the glove's compactness. Simply exceptional. There are two pieces of padding on the inside of the wrist that are placed for protection and stability, and the combination with the padding on the upper part makes the wrist very stable.

I have annoyingly thin wrists, and the fact that I feel very secure without hand wraps speaks volumes about how good the wrist protection and Velcro closure are. The Hit N Move gloves would be like a brace for someone with thicker wrists and hands.

I agree with actor Frank Grillo who compares the Hit N Move gloves better than Winning which are considered the gold standard. Especially with the far better wrist support Hit N Move offers.


The visual design is classic. I got the blue color with golden stripes, a classy combination, and a stylish overall look. A few more colors are available for different tastes, and each has its own flavor. The gloves are bound to look good with such high-quality leather and craftsmanship.

For MMA guys, though, the visual may be too simple. Many big brands like more aggressive and modern-looking designs; you don't get that with Hit N Move. These are classic boxing gloves on the outside, with modern innovations on the inside. I must say, though, that the relief thumb logo is really cool.

Boxing Glove Tests

Bag Work

Let me start by saying that my first martial art was Kyokushin karate, where hand and body conditioning are key. I have yet to lose this thinking completely. I like to feel it when I punch and often use the small old-school bag mitts, which many boxers frown upon. So I have never trained on the bag with 16-ounce gloves and never felt the need to do so.

But after having done 15 hard rounds on the heavy bag, I am a converted man, at least if I am using the All-Day gloves. Most people look for protection on the bag, and with these, this is very good. I have done some heavy hitting and even spent a round on a bag like concrete at the bottom, and the gloves still held up nicely.

After a 10-round session, I barely felt any tension in my knuckles, and again, this was without hand wraps. I've had issues with thumb pain from other gloves, but there wasn't a hint of that with Hit N Move.

What I also like very much is that there is some feedback from the punches. I feel that I am landing, and I feel the power. Something I look for and is missing in most other 16-ounce gloves.

This doesn't mean I will let go of my mitts, but for long sessions and the times you need to switch between bag work and partner drills, the Hit N Move gloves work exactly as intended.

Only time will tell how long the gloves will be suitable for sparring after heavy bag abuse, but this is what they were made for, so I will be updating this review throughout my use.


The main selling point of the Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves is that they are a one-stop solution for everything. After sparring a few rounds, this is true. 

Despite the compact size for 16-ounce gloves, these protect nicely, and there is no way a partner can feel your knuckles. They are not as soft and squishy as some other models, but they are undoubtedly adequate sparring gloves that no one will complain about.

The protection on the hands while blocking is excellent. I tried them against some very heavy hooks, and they protected both my hands and my head immensely. The forearm padding is also great if you are kickboxing and blocking kicks.

If I have to point out a potential downside, the tight wrist and forearm protection may not be suitable for Muay Thai. While you get excellent protection and stability, there isn't a lot of mobility, and the long cuffs are not suitable for clinching. But these are advertised as boxing gloves, and as such, they are almost perfect.

Price And Competitors

After all the superlatives I've said about the Hit n Move All Day gloves, you cannot expect them to be cheap, and they aren't. The blue ones I have are $239 ($215 with the 10% discount), which is a lot, and some other colors cost even more.

This places them on the market against Cleto Reyes and Hayabusa, who now also have traditional boxing gloves in the same price range. If you remove the brand tags from all of them, the Hit N Move is the best in all regards. But as a relatively unknown brand, people may choose the big brands at the same price tag.

This is why I ranked the Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves the best boxing gloves.

Professional Boxers Using Hit N Move Boxing Gloves

  • Jahmal Harvey
  • Jalil Hackett
  • Filip Stankovic
  • Sulaiman Segawa
  • Justin Marquez

Use code "SSOF" for 10% OFF

Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves

Use Code "SSOF" for 10% OFF

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