Hayabusa Icon Fight Shorts Review (2024)

October 13, 2022

Hayabusa is a premium fight brand best known for its high-quality gloves and BJJ gear. Their Icon Fight Shorts are no different. There's a reason they are one of the most popular BJJ shorts on Amazon. So, I had to buy and test them for myself to bring you a BJJ practitioner's review of the Hayabusa Icon Fight Shorts.


  • Anti-slip flexible waistband.
  • Rigid and robust shorts material that won’t rip.
  • High-side leg slits for more freedom of movement.
  • Inner thigh stretch panels for durability.


  • If you don't like mid-cut BJJ shorts, their knee-length shorts options are limited.
  • Very high side leg splits because of the non-stretch material means you need to wear “sports” underwear or tights underneath.

Hayabusa Icon Fight Shorts Rating

If you like the longer BJJ shorts cut to your knee, the Hayabusa Icon Fight Shorts are the best choice on the market. They have a superior build quality while allowing you to move freely. Hayabusa has done their homework with these BJJ shorts, and you'll be as happy as I was with my choice.





Hayabusa Fight Icon BJJ Shorts

Hayabusa Icon Fight Shorts

Hayabusa Icon Fight Shorts

Material & Quality

Undoubtedly, the Hayabusa Icon Fight Shorts are of the highest build quality. These use an ultra-high strength polyester which you will notice when you try to stretch the shorts. There is no stretch, but there isn't any way you will tear these.

They can withstand 80 kg or 176 lbs of tearing force which is more than your partner will give you if they accidentally grab your shorts. Further, the fabric is pieced together with reinforced stitching, so you don't have any issues with the shorts falling apart.

While the shorts don't stretch, they have inner thigh stretch panels to provide greater freedom of movement and prevent wear and tear.


These shorts have one of my favorite waistbands. They have a silicone anti-slip strip inside, so they don't fall down when rolling. Having used them extensively on the mat, I can say you don’t need to readjust them constantly.

Hayabusa Icon Fight Shorts Waistband

Further, the waistband is flexible and sits perfectly around your waist. It has a unique drawstring system where you pull one drawstring if you want to tighten the waist instead of having the two ends, which can get lost in the waistband after washing.

Finally, there is a Velcro strap if you want to tighten them more. I'm typically not a fan of Velcro straps, as some shorts irritate the skin with the sharp Velcro. Hayabusa Fight Icon Shorts made their Velcro unnoticeable.


Hayabusa Fight Icon Shorts fit true to size. I'm a size large, and these fit me like a glove. The length comes down to my knees but doesn't pass them, which is important if you compete in IBJJF rules and for ease of movement.


These shorts are incredibly comfortable. Even though the material is rigid, the side leg slits and inner thigh stretch panels mean you can move freely. Further, the pants don't sit tight to your legs. This is the reason I included the Hayabusa Icon Fight Shorts in my best BJJ shorts review.

Hayabusa Icon Fight Shorts Stitching


Hayabusa only has the Icon Fight Shorts in one design but many colors. If you love funky designs instead of the minimal patterns or logo on your BJJ shorts, I would look at my favorite pair of XMartial BJJ Shorts.


These are one of the more expensive BJJ shorts on the market and on Amazon. But you’re paying for an extraordinary build quality that will last many years of hard rolls and competition. The price is justified in my eyes.

Hayabusa Fight Icon BJJ Shorts

Hayabusa Icon Fight Shorts

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