Fairtex FMV9 Focus Mitts Review (2024)

July 2, 2023

Pads and focus mitts have been an instrumental tool for boxers, MMA, and Muay Thai fighters for decades now, and it is where most high-level coaches and fighters do all the fine-tuning and tactics.

But you already know the importance of boxing mitts, so you must find the right pair.

There a few different types of pads and focus mitts are used for precision punching, and I have found one of the best models on the market- the Fairtex FMV9 focus mitts.


  • Curved design is excellent for catching punches.
  • The elongated bottom part protects the wrist.
  • To bumps on the wrist and palm provide superb ergonomics.
  • Handmade in Thailand from genuine leather, guaranteeing a long life.


  • A bit too snug fit, especially during the first few uses.
Fairtex FMV9 Focus Mitts

Fairtex FMV9 Focus Mitts Rating

Fairtex FMV9 live up to their name as The Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts. The curved design and two bumps make life easy for pad holders and drastically decrease the fatigue and pain typical for long sessions.







Fairtex FMV9 Focus Mitts

Fairtex has modestly named this model The Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts, and this may not be an exaggeration. Here are the official key features:

  • Unique contoured hand compartment that is ergonomically engineered to fit naturally to the trainer's hands.
  • Ultra-light triple-layered foam system.
  • Genuine leather.
  • Made in Thailand.
  • Extra soft, padded hand compartment designed for ultimate comfort.

As usual with Faritex, everything is top-notch, and the official description matches the actual product and experience.

Fairtex FMV9 Focus Mitts Review

Fairtex FMV9 Focus Mitts For Muay Thai


The upper part of the mitt is just like regular round models. Still, the difference comes in the elongated bottom portion. On the back side of this part is a big hump that perfectly fits on the wrist and compacts the mitt to the hand.

This is great because it provides stability, and the elongated face side will catch sloppier punches that would otherwise hit you on the wrist.

Inside the mitt, there is another bump placed under the palm. I've tried other mitts with the same solution, and I love it because it gives complete control and prevents movement.

Fairtex Focus Mitts

Another good design solution is the enclosed finger compartment. This is done mainly to prevent injuries to exposed fingers in cases where you take punches on the back side of the pad, often body shots.

The big curve is a design highlight which serves both the holder and the hitter. It allows the holder to catch punches better, while the hitter gets better feedback and feels when he hits the mark.

Visually the FMV9 looks superb, just like other Fairtex gear. Mine are in white and red (the best color scheme) with a white dot dead center, a Faritex logo, and a Fairtex patch on the back. Clean and classy.

Quality And Craftsmanship

If you've used Fairtex products, you know you can expect excellent quality, and the Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts follow the trend.

They are handmade in Thailand from genuine leather, and you can immediately tell. The feel and smell are premium, and the craftsmanship is outstanding.

All the stitching is flawless, and everything is put together with years of use in mind.

fairtex fmv9

The official description says the foam is three layers, and the inside bump is made from a softer material to cushion the blows. I don't intend to check the insides, but they've nailed the feel and firmness.

I cannot find any flaws in the quality whatsoever, outstanding product.


The Fairtex FMV9 sells for 100-120$, a costly price for boxing mitts. But let me remind you that you get a genuine leather product handmade in Thailand.

This means you get high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship at a fraction of the price you would have to pay for something similar made in the West. The Fairtex focus mitt is well worth the price.

The padding is an extra-thick, pre-curved latex foam. It feels like a single piece of foam, and I am not sure if it's multilayered, but it is bigger and softer than any other MMA gloves I've tried.

There is also another piece of padding, more like a gel, on the back of the hand near the wrist to protect the hand when blocking.

Thin pieces of the same padding are placed on both sides of the palm. The thumb is also sufficiently protected with excellent foamy padding.

Using The Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts

The review will primarily consider the mitts from a pad holders' perspective because they are the ones using the mitts. Of course, the features of mitts also matter for the fighter.

Still, they are hitting with gloves, and the difference is insignificant. In contrast, the coach must be comfortable enough to have extended pad sessions even with multiple fighters at a time, which is not uncommon with regular trainees and not pro fighters.

People point out that boxing mitts are only for light and fast punches. Still, where I'm from, this is only wishful thinking.

People often blast away at pads like their life depends on them, so for me, a good pair of mitts need to allow at least a decent degree of power.

What I love here is the size of the Fairtex curved mitts. Often boxing mitts are too small and don't allow proper power punching.

Of course, some coaches prefer them for the precision, but this means you need an X number of different pads for every need.

The FMV9 are just the right size to where they are still focus mitts and require precision, but are also thick and big enough to accommodate heavier punches.

Fairtex FMV9 Contoured Focus Mitts

You can even use them for some light kicks, although they are not designed for kicking and are not very good for it. Still, you can sneak in some kick-in combos should you want to.

Aside from the size, the best thing about this model is the curved design and feel. When you hit the center of the pad with a glove, the sound is a loud and very satisfying pop.

I don't know if this is intentional, but the result is excellent and serves as an audio queue that you've hit the bullseye.

On the holder's side, the curved design lets you feel where the fighter is punching, and you immediately notice if he is not on point, which is another minor but valuable benefit.

Comfort-wise, the FMV9 is amazing. At first, you might feel the mitts are a bit too hard, but once fighters start pounding, you will be surprised how little force you feel.

I think the two humps- one on the wrist and one on the palm are responsible for this, alongside the foam and materials used.

The inside bump fits perfectly in your hand and gives you perfect control while preventing slipping off. The wrist bump is a game changer in preventing unnecessary and painful movement on the wrist.

One complaint I and others have is that the mitts are too tight. This is true initially, but mine have become a bit better, so I suspect they will become even easier to squeeze into with more use, like a full-time coach would put them through.

But the pro of the snug fit is that there is zero chance of the mitt flying off your hand, which I've experienced more than a few times on both sides of other models.


For the fighter, the mitts provide a good target and have a satisfying feel when hit accurately. Handmade in Thailand from genuine leather, these Fairtex focus mitts are a must-have for every coach.

Fairtex FMV9 Focus Mitts

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Plamen has been training for the last 14 years in karate and kickboxing, before settling in for MMA for the last 5 years. He has a few amateur kickboxing fights and currently trains with and helps a stable of professional and amateur MMA fighters.


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