Best Heavy Bags (2024): Punch & Kick Hard!

December 26, 2023

The heavy bag is the best friend of every martial artist. Heavy punching bags are extensively used in all striking disciplines. They are mandatory in every gym and a preferred piece of equipment in every home gym.

But picking the right heavy punching bag for your needs is not an easy task. What if you live in a small apartment? Or you can't hang anything from your ceiling? We've got you covered with options for every scenario.

Revgear Pro Series 6 Foot Heavy Bag

Best Heavy Bag

Revgear 5 Foot Heavy Bag

Best Heavy Bag For Home Gym

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130 lbs

100 lbs

270 lbs


Vinyl coated nylon

Vinyl coated nylon



Ships Filled

Ships Filled

Ship Unfilled


Revgear Pro Series 6 Foot Heavy Bag

The Revgear Pro Series 6-foot heavy bag is the perfect option for punching and kicking with full power. A heavy bag ready for pro fighters and garage enthusiasts alike.

To facilitate this, this bag is 6 feet tall and weighs 130 lbs, the gold standard for MMA and Muay Thai heavy bags. The good news is that this is not the capacity or the recommended weight, but the factory-filled weight this USA-made model comes at.

Filling a heavy bag is not rocket science; I've done it, but matching the ideal density and distribution of a pre-filled bag is nearly impossible, and with Revgear, you won't even have to try.

Durability won't ever be an issue with the Pro series Revgear bag because it's made with 22-ounce vinyl-coated nylon and triple-stitched seams. 

Reinforced nylon straps do the hanging, and if you use a proper bag hanging system (also available from Revgear and other places), I am certain you won't ever have issues. Revgear is also confident and offers a 10-year warranty if the bag is hung and used correctly.

As a USA-made product, the Revgear bag is widely used and appreciated in big gyms nationwide, including The LAB, CSW, Sityodtong, Kings MMA, and many more. Chances are, if you've trained in a few gyms, you've come across Revgear heavy bags.

This sounds great, but the heavy bag wouldn't be the best if it weren't for the price. At $300, you get an unrivaled value ratio for a pre-filled professional-level 6-foot heavy bag. Only genuine leather can be worthy rivals, but they cost nearly twice as much. 


  • Amazing value for the price
  • Come perfectly filled to US customers
  • 6 foot, 130 lbs perfect for punching and kicking
  • Very durable thanks to heavy vinyl-coated nylon and reinforced stitching


  • May be too tall for garages with low ceilings.
Revgear Pro Series 6 Foot Heavy Bag

Revgear Pro Series 6 Foot Heavy Bag

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Best Heavy Bag For Home Gym

Revgear 5-Foot Heavy Bag

Revgear 5 Foot Heavy Bag

Regarding heavy bags for home gyms, size, and price are always a bigger consideration than if you choose a bag for a real gym. Many people prefer four-foot bags for boxing at home, while kickboxers ideally use a 6 foot one.

But the Revgear 5-foot heavy bag is the little brother of our overall best heavy bag and is the ideal middle version for your garage or basement. At 5 feet, it can also be used for kicking, while it can still be hung on a lower ceiling.

A big bonus is that the heavy bag comes filled, so you won't have to do it yourself. This is possible because these bags are not imported but are made in the USA. Factory-filled bags are generally filled much better than DIY ones.

This Revgear bag weighs 100 pounds and is the perfect size for boxing. The hanging is done with reinforced nylon straps, which may be slightly less durable than chains, but it is the only reasonable solution for a home gym where the noise from clanging chains is highly undesirable.

If you buy the Revgear bag, you get a 10-year warranty. The company is confident of the durability of its product because the 22-ounce vinyl-coated nylon and triple-stitched seams they used can take many years of punishment.

If you hang the bag correctly in a home gym, I don't see how anyone or even a family can use it enough to wear it down.

Considering all the features, especially if you need it only for boxing, you will be hard-pressed to find a better heavy bag for the home gym.


  • Comes factory filled and saves you the trouble of doing it yourself
  • USA made
  • Heavy vinyl-coated nylon and triple-stitched seams guarantee extreme durability, backed up by a 10-year warranty


  • Weight and size are not great for kicking
Revgear 5 Foot Heavy Bag

Revgear 5-Foot Heavy Bag

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Best Heavy Bag For Beginners

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Bag

A beginner's heavy bag must meet at least two criteria: it has to be relatively light and inexpensive. That is why the Everlast 70-pound MMA bag is perfect for newcomers to fighting sports or those who want to hit the bag just for fitness.

At 70 pounds, this bag is on the lighter side and won't be too much for lighter people or those with less experience, but it's heavy enough that it won't swing around wildly. The bag is made of synthetic polycanvas that will last long for its intended use. The design is simple and clean, with heavy-duty nylon straps securing the bag.

The price tag is very reasonable, and the nearly 2 thousand reviews on Amazon will guarantee that this Everlast bag is a good choice for a first heavy bag.


  • Durable synthetic polycanvas
  • Good length suitable for different types of training
  • Good value


  • Not as durable as higher-priced options
  • It may be too light for heavier people

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Bag

Best Heavy Bag For Muay Thai

Yokkao Heavy Bag XL

Yokkao Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Since Yokkao came to the scene in 2010, they have revolutionized the Muay Thai and combat sports equipment market. Yokkao is primarily a Muay Thai brand, so it's natural that they also make the best Muay Thai bag.

The Yokkao heavy bag is a staple of high-quality punching bags. This bag is handmade in Thailand from premium, high-quality leather. The quality is truly superb, and while this may sound like an exaggeration, the Yokkao heavy bag will last decades. 

Genuine leather has been and still is the best material for heavy bags to this day. Combined with this bag's craftsmanship, it guarantees extreme durability.

Yokkao heavy bags come in 3 sizes depending on your needs, which is another benefit. The smallest is 100 cm and weighs 77 pounds, ideal for beginners or fighters from the lower divisions.

The middle size is 120 cm which makes it perfect for boxing and Muay Thai training, and while heavier than the small one, it will still swing. The XL size is the standard 6-foot and 120 lbs. This Muay Thai bag is perfect for punching and kicking at all levels.

I strongly recommend the 6-foot version of the bag so that you can practice low kicks.

There are also options on Yokkao's website for an empty bag, which may be a better solution to save on delivery prices, which may be significant given the weight of heavy bags.

The exceptional quality of Yokkao comes at a hefty price, but if you want to equip a gym with the best quality professional gear, look no further than Yokkao for a heavy bag.

In fact, you can see why Bangkok Trainer of the Year and professional Muay Thai fighter Steve Pipe recommends this bag in his Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag article.

Best Punching Bag

Yokkao Heavy Bag

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Best Freestanding Heavy Bag

Century Wavemaster XXL

Freestanding bags, also known as bags with a stand, are usually the more mobile and home-friendly versions of heavy bags. Century is the undisputed leader in the segment and has many different options. Still, their Wavemaster XXL is the best for serious martial artists.

The XXL freestanding bag, as the name suggests, is huge. This size removes most standing bags' limitations and is excellent for kicking and punching at all levels.

When filled, the Wavemaster XXL weighs roughly 270 pounds, meaning even people with serious power in the strikes will find it very good. This freestanding bag is made from a durable vinyl cover and has a tough but forgiving high-density foam.

Taekwondo practitioners also prefer freestanding bags as they don't swing. The Century extra-large bag is perfect for them, as well as traditional karatekas and other speed kickers. 


  • Extra large striking area
  • Excellent base
  • A solid weight that allows powerful striking
  • Good even for people used to training on a hanging heavy bag


  • A bit too bulky and hard to move for a freestanding bag

Century Wavemaster XXL

Best Heavy Bag For MMA

Outslayer MMA Punching Bag

Outsayer is a mainstay in many MMA gyms for its quality, durability, and perfect density. The 100-pound bag is the ideal middle ground choice for MMA as the 55" length also allows for low kicking if hung at the right height.

Outsayer offers a 10-year warranty, which considering how many pro fighters are using them, says a lot about the confidence Outsayer has in their quality.

The well-rounded density of Outsayer heavy bags, a common issue with lower-class heavy bags, is a strong selling point for them. The filling is 100% cotton with no sand, which significantly minimizes the chance of hard or hollow spots.

The quadruple hand stitching, in combination with the 4 ply hanging straps, further guarantees the quality of this USA-made heavy bag.


  • 100% fabric filling prevents sinking
  • Heavy-duty straps that are durable and silent
  • A 10-year warranty
  • USA made


  • Some users complain it’s too hard for beginners

Outslayer MMA Punching Bag

Best Heavy Bag For Boxing

Title Professional Leather Bag

Title Boxing manufactures some of the best boxing equipment available, and their boxing bags have stood the test of time. The Title genuine leather heavy bag will look right at home in any high-end boxing gym worldwide. Genuine leather is still the most durable material and comes with other advantages over synthetic materials.

The Title professional heavy punching bag is packed with fabric and has a perfectly balanced center weight and a foam rubber inside liner. The outstanding quality and timeless design come in three different weights and sizes.

The 100 lb. will be the top choice for most boxers, but there is a 70 lb. good for beginners and a 150 lb. one aimed at those of you with hammers in the fists.

This bag has a clean and proven design, features, and outstanding quality, so if you are looking for the best boxing option, this may very well be it.


  • Genuine leather
  • Well-balanced fabric filling
  • Includes heavy-duty chains and swivel


  • Expensive

Title Professional Leather Bag

Best Heavy Bag For Apartment

Century Versus Fight Simulator

Heavy bags are usually not suitable for apartment use. The most significant issues are noise and vibration, but mounting is another problematic point. While freestanding bags are a better fit for apartment use, most models also produce quite a bit of noise, which is unsuitable for every living situation.

In these cases, I can recommend a different kind of freestanding heavy bag called the Century Versus fight simulator. Perhaps the quietest piece of gear can still qualify as a heavy bag. It is also surprisingly versatile and can be used as a ground-and-pound dummy. 

The lower weight does not allow for full power striking. Still, for apartment training, it may be perfect for honing stand-up striking techniques and ground and pound. The Century Versus fight simulator is easy to put together and even easier to move around and store. 


  • VERY versatile
  • It doesn’t make a lot of noise
  • Easy to move around and install


  • Too light for power strikes

Century Versus Fight Simulator

How To Choose The Best Heavy Bag For You


The most important thing when choosing a heavy bag is the design. The two main categories are hanging heavy bags and freestanding heavy bags. Hanging ones are the standard and are preferred by all combat sports athletes. Freestanding bags have their benefits and are easier to mount and move around, which makes them the preferred choice for many home gyms.

There are other design differences within both groups. Hanging bags are available in various shapes, lengths, and weights. We only included standard heavy bags in our review, not teardrop shapes, uppercut bags, or other specialized models.

Other models like wall-mounted bags, doorway bags, reflex bags, and such are often included in similar articles. Still, they are not really heavy, both literally and in the way you train with an actual heavy bag.


Materials determine both the longevity and the feeling of using the heavy bag. Genuine leather is the most durable heavy bag cover, followed by synthetic leather, and vinyl materials are at the bottom of the quality ladder.

You can fill heavy bags with fabric, sand, water, rubber pieces, or other materials. High-quality bags are filled with fabric pieces because rubber and sand especially tend to leave some spots hollow while hardening others like concrete. On the other hand, water-filled bags are easy to carry and fill but can break or spill.

Martial Art You’re Practicing

The martial art you are practicing also determines what bag you need. If you only box, the classic size will do. A banana bag will be more suitable if you want to low kick hard. Taekwondo guys need to practice speed kicking, so a heavy freestanding bag is usually the best choice.


Price is usually indicative of the quality of all equipment. The materials of punching bags largely determine their price. A leather cover will cost you the most, but it's the most durable. Fabric filling provides the best density and can easily be removed or added. Still, it's more expensive than sand, which may produce hollow spots in some places of the bag.

Hanging bags are cheaper than freestanding ones and are better for training, but not everyone has the space to hang a bag and leave it there. Freestanding bags are easier to mount and move around, but they require more materials and are naturally more expensive.

If you equip a home gym, you can usually use a mid-quality bag. Getting a cheap heavy bag is never a good idea. It will wear out faster, and it will be uncomfortable due to excess sinking and bulges.

On the other hand, the premium ones are overkill for a garage gym unless money is no issue. If this is the case, by all means, buy the best gear on the market.

Frequently Asked Heavy Bag Questions

How Heavy Should Your Heavy Bag Be?

The weight of the heavy bag depends mainly on the weight of the users. Heavier and more experienced fighters have more power in their strikes and require heavier bags. 70 lbs. bags are usually more oriented towards beginners.

Bags weighing 100 pounds are the boxing standard, while 120 lbs. are generally longer and designed for kicking and punching. 150 lbs. are often used by professionals and heavier people in general.

What Heavy Punching Bag Do The Pros Use?

A 100 lb. heavy bag is the staple for boxing, while Muay Thai fighters and MMA athletes go with 120 lbs. 6-foot bags that are also great for low kicking. Some fighters use heavier bags than those, but the overall standard is 100-120 lbs., up to 150 lbs. Heavier bags are single exceptions, albeit legendary ones like the 300-pound bag Mike Tyson used to train with.

What Is The Best Material For A Heavy Bag?

Genuine leather is the most durable and best-feeling material for a heavy bag. Naturally, it’s more expensive than nylon and synthetic leather. But if you want the best quality bag that will last the longest, genuine leather is the top choice.

What Size Heavy Bag Does Floyd Mayweather Use?

Despite being a welterweight fighter not known for his power punches, Floyd Mayweather preferred to use a heavier-than-usual heavy bag. The yellow and black heavy bags often seen in his videos are wider than usual and around 4' x 18" in size, 135 lbs.

Can A Heavy Bag Be Too Heavy?

Yes, it can. Some come at 150 lbs. and above and can be too heavy for beginners or lighter fighters. The bag should provide enough resistance, but it still has to move to be used to its full capacity.

Can You Hit The Heavy Bag Every Day?

You can train on the heavy bag daily, but you should do this once you are more conditioned and experienced. Hitting the heavy bag stresses the bones, muscles, and tendons, and they need some time to recover between sessions. In time, you will be able to hit the heavy bag every day without issue. 


The Revgear Pro Series 6 Foot Heavy Bag takes the top spot in our best heavy bag list due to its unparalleled quality and design. It is the best option for professionals and people looking for the best gear. The high price tag will dissuade many buyers, and in the list, you can find many other options for different needs.

Revgear Pro Series 6 Foot Heavy Bag

Revgear Pro Series 6 Foot Heavy Bag

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