Best Heavy Bag For Muay Thai (2024)

December 14, 2021

I have worked in Thailand, won the Best Trainer of the Year in Bangkok, and fought on the pro circuit. I've used all of the heavy bags extensively that I am recommending in this best heavy bag article.

I got to see the evolution of mega Muay Thai companies like Yokkao and how closely they worked with fighters to create the best quality heavy bags and equipment. So, if you’re looking for the best heavy bag for Muay Thai, I’ve got you covered.

Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Fairtex Banana Bag

Best Muay Thai Banana Heavy Bag

Best Tear Drop Heavy Bag For Muay Thai

Best Muay Thai Tear Drop Heavy Bag

Best Wall Mounted Heavy Bag For Muay Thai

Best Muay Thai Wall Mounted Heavy Bag



Body kicks, knees, elbows, teeps

Low kicks and heavy punch combinations

Boxing and elbows

Boxing body and head shots


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Yokkao Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Muay Thai is the art of 8 limbs and having the freedom to work each limb in your strikes effectively is essential.

The Yokkao Heavy Bag has been a staple in traditional Muay Thai gyms across Thailand for generations now. Most fighters that have trained in Thailand gyms will have unforgiving memories of working this hard (based on filling and years of usage) and robust heavy bag.

Although a little smaller than some other heavy bags, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in versatility and the options it gives the user in terms of training style – from knee drills to timing and rhythm drills with kicks to power body shots to non stop teep drills.

Over time with effective usage, this bag becomes more oblong-shaped and indented around the bag's midsection on each side. This means that you have to be precise with your timing when you throw your kicks and punches so as not to hit the dense and compacted edges painfully.

The bag is heavy enough to be considered a heavy bag. Still, at the same time, with enough force, it can begin to swing, which is excellent for improving rhythm and timing while reaping the benefits of hitting a heavy bag—for example, improving power.

One of the main reasons this bag is so popular is because, in Muay Thai, body kicks are a very high scoring and effective strike. This bag allows the practitioner to work their body kicks to significant effect along with many other strikes from well-timed knees and elbows to power teeps and power straights.

Rhythm, timing, and power are essential attributes to improve combat sports performance and, more specifically, Muay Thai. This bag allows you to work all three simultaneously.

Best Heavy Bag For Muay Thai

Yokkao Heavy Bag

Best Banana Bag For Muay Thai

Fairtex HB6 Banana Heavy Bag

How Big Is The Fairtex Banana Bag

Banana bags are a great training tool to help work low kicks as often their base will rest on the ground. When you throw a Muay Thai low kick, most coaches will often use the analogy of "chopping down a tree," and the banana bag is a great way to simulate just this.

In particular, the Fairtex HB6 Banana Bag is battle-tested and used in many gyms worldwide as a staple for this style of bag. It is durable, robust, and facilitates its purpose beautifully.

These bags are an essential part of any gym with a low kick heavy style as it allows the fighters to refine and perfect their low kicks through 1000's of solid and precise reps.

If you have more of a westernized Muay Thai style, e.g., you like heavy punch combos followed by chopping low kicks, then this is the perfect bag for you.

You can read our full in-depth breakdown in our Fairtex HB6 Banana Bag review.

Fairtex Banana Bag

Best Banana Bag For Muay Thai

Fairtex HB6 Banana Bag

Best Tear Drop Heavy Bag For Muay Thai

Yokkao Tear Drop Heavy Bag

How Heavy Should A Muay Thai Heavy Bag Be

Tear drop bags are a great tool to use when focusing more on boxing (punch) specific combinations in Muay Thai and elbows. This style of bag allows you to work body rips, uppercuts, and overhands perfectly due to the curvature of the bag and how they are designed.

Out of all the teardrop bags I've used, the Yokkao one is by far my favorite. In general, many teardrop bags are often too soft or overly bouncy on impact and too wide – this makes the bags less realistic compared to striking an actual body or an opponent and less practical as a training tool.

The Yokkao Tear Drop Heavy Bag is the perfect size, simulating the shape of a body beautifully. The way it's designed means with regular cloth filling, it is very firm and hard upon impact.

It's important to note that fighters often use teardrop bags to work on their punching power, specific punching combinations, and head kicks that are less practical on conventional heavy bags. Therefore, this is a good purchase as an additional bag to work in conjunction with your standard heavy bag or banana bag.

Best Tear Drop Heavy Bag For Muay Thai

Yokkao Tear Drop Heavy Bag

Best Wall Mounted Heavy Bag For Muay Thai

The Yokkao Wall Mounted Heavy bag

Can I Use A Boxing Bag For Muay Thai

Wall-mounted heavy bags are great tools for working specific boxing combinations that are almost impossible to throw on traditional bags. There is no section that simulates the shape of a body and head with conventional heavy bags.

Wall-mounted bags are a solution to this. They provide fighters the option to work body rip and body hook to uppercut combinations with a more realistic placement of where the target's head would be.

The Yokkao Wall Mounted Heavy Bag is a solid and very durable piece of training equipment that I have first-hand used for years at the Yokkao flagship gym in Bangkok, Thailand, by elite level Muay Thai strikers like Saenchai and Singdam.

The Yokkao wall-mounted heavy bag is perfect for someone with limited space or who wants to supplement their heavy bag training with a bag that favors punch-specific techniques.

Best Wall Mounted Heavy Bag For Muay Thai

Yokkao Wall Mounted Heavy Bag

Factors To Consider When Buying A Heavy Bag


If possible, always opt for leather bags as they will have a longer life and last a lot longer under heavy usage.

This being said, there are some great synthetic options nowadays that are also very high quality and will last well under light to moderate usage.


Always try to opt for a more reputable and well-known brand. With these comes a standard of quality that has been battle-tested by multiple generations of Muay Thai Fighters and is highly regarded by them.

Some reputable brands with an excellent reputation for making high-quality boxing bags are:

  • Yokkao
  • Twins Special
  • NZ Boxer
  • Fairtex

What It’s Filled With

Most heavy bags will be filled with a mixture of sand or sawdust and ripped pieces of fabric. This is an excellent combination as using only sand can make the bag too dense. Using a combination of sand and fabric allows for a firm yet absorbing feel upon striking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Heavy Should A Muay Thai Heavy Bag Be?

Generally speaking, a heavy bag like the Yokkao heavy bag will be anywhere from 45 - 60 kg. However, banana bags will be between 60 kg - 100 kg.

The reason for this is the heavy bag is designed to move around as you strike it. The banana bag hangs to the floor, allowing you to throw devastating low kicks without the bag swinging.

Should You Get A Hanging Or Free Standing Heavy Bag?

If you have the option to choose, then a hanging bag will always be a better option as this allows you to work a much more comprehensive range of techniques and drills. The main reason for this is the bag swinging which requires you to work your timing and rhythm along with your speed, power, and precision.

If, however, you have nowhere to hang a heavy bag, then a free-standing bag is a fantastic alternative. It gives you many of the same options as a banana bag from a training perspective, as they are often tall and long with the option of working your low kicks.

What Type Of Punching Bag Is Best For Muay Thai?

Ultimately the best bag for Muay Thai is the Yokkao heavy bag. This style of bag combines versatility, the ability to work power and timing, and a fantastic array of options when it comes to strikes.

Can I Use A Boxing Bag For Muay Thai?

Yes, you can use a boxing bag for Muay Thai. Although the number one determining factor will be is the bag heavy and solid enough to handle power round kicks, teeps, and heavy knee strikes. If the bag is too light, it will swing around too much and become impractical as a Muay Thai training tool.


In conclusion, the Yokkao heavy bag is such an excellent option for Muay Thai due to the design and incredible array of options you get in terms of what strikes you can throw.

From power round kicks to heavy knees, sharp elbows, and power punches, the sheer variety of strikes you can implement makes this bag the best option for training Muay Thai – the art of 8 limbs!

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About the author 

Steve Pipe

Steve was awarded "Best Instructor in Bangkok 2019" and has trained the likes of Superbon Banchamek, Liam Harrison, & Singdam Kiatmoo9 to name a few. He is a high-performance coach who specializes in working with elite-level Muay Thai and combat sports athletes.


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