Best Boxing Gloves For Women (2024): Coach’s Top Picks

December 26, 2023

With many women shedding blood in the ring and cage and much more sweating it out in the gym, the demand for gear better suited to their needs is increasing.

Boxing gloves usually fit both men and women. Still, many models are too bulky and spacious for the smaller hands of ladies. This is why we went on a search to find the best boxing gloves for women and will gladly share the results with you. 

Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves For Women

Best Boxing Gloves For Women

Best Boxing Gloves For Female Beginners

Best Budget Boxing Gloves For Women



Highest Quality Genuine Grained Leather

Faux Leather

Faux Leather


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Key Takeaways

  • Hit N Move Gloves are the best for women because they cover all categories (sparring, heavy bag, training, and wrist support).
  • They have a unique patented compact padding design with the best knuckle and wrist protection.
  • All other gloves in this review are second best to Hit N Move based on our experience and testing. 
  • If you're looking for gloves for boxing cardio classes, Sanabul and Everlast are the best choices.
Hit N Move All Day Boxing Gloves

It's only natural that our choice for the best boxing gloves is the same for both men and women. Aside from the outstanding quality and features, the gloves' compact outside shape and inside hand compartments make the Hit n Move All Day Balance ideal for the ladies as well.

As someone who has a thin wrist and uses the 16-ounce version without hand wraps, I can assure you that the smaller sizes, such as 10 and 12 ounces, will be a perfect snug fit even for women's smaller hands. Just keep in mind that not all colors have the smaller 10 and 12-ounce sizes. A full in-depth review of these gloves can be found here:

On top of the comfortable and compact design, the Hit N Move gloves are made from premium materials, including high-grade grained leather that will last for ages. Then the padding has four different layers, ensuring excellent softness for sparring, great feedback when punching, and enough durability to do both for a long time.

The only downside to all the well-deserved superlatives is the high price tag. While you get what you pay for, and a pair of Hit N Move gloves will serve all your purposes for a long time without compromises, it is still a solid price.

The investment will be worthwhile if you are serious about training and sparring, but for ladies who prefer the cardio aspect of boxing, these may be unnecessary. 

You can read my full in-depth Hit N Move Boxing Gloves review which has more video and pictures to help you make an informed decision.


  • Compact on the outside and the inside, making them a great fit for women.
  • One glove that fits all needs-sparring, bag work, and pads, so you don't need to buy multiple pairs of gloves.
  • High quality materials, including grained genuine leather, so they last forever and don't need replacing.
  • Exceptional wrist stability to protect your wrists from injury.


  • High price tag, so if you're after a wallet-friendly pair of gloves, we have more options below.

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Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves For Women

Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves

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Best Boxing Gloves For Female Beginners

Sanabul Women’s Easter Egg Boxing Gloves

Women don't get the special attention in combat sports gear they deserve, and Sanabul wants to change that. The Easter Egg women's boxing gloves are specifically designed to cater to women who tend to have smaller hands.

Usually, they find regular gloves too bulky both on the outside and in the inside compartment. This Sanabul offering has a sleek contour and a narrow shape on the wrist. The hook and loop system assures a nice, snug feeling on the wrist. 

Most of the padding is concentrated on the knuckles, making the gloves very good for sparring and heavy bag use. The mat finish and micro perforations on half of the gloves make these gloves stand out, look different, and appear to be made with special attention to women.

The Sanabul gloves provide a great alternative to the higher-end gloves like the Hit N Move and are perfect for beginners (though experienced ladies can use them as well) who don’t want to train with crappy gear but are still not ready to pull the trigger on the expensive stuff.


  • Sleeк and neat contour
  • Narrow wrist and inside compartment
  • Stylish look that stands out
  • Specially made for women


  • Can’t compete in quality with higher-end gloves

Sanabul Women’s Easter Egg Boxing Gloves

Best Budget Boxing Gloves For Women

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Then, if even the Sanabuls are too pricey, Everlast has an answer with a very budget-friendly model. Many women go to HIIT or cardio boxing classes, where gloves are still used, but the demands for protection are drastically lower. So cheap, but good-looking gloves like these may do the trick.

Made from synthetic leather and with a time-tested construction, the Pro Style Everlast gloves will take some beating before breaking. The looks are the selling point, as the brand is well-known, and the design looks cool and professional. There is a decent chance of some problems occurring at such a low price point, but this can be expected.

If your goal is to train in boxing, kickboxing, or Muay Thai just as an exercise, these gloves will do a fine job. If you're more serious about hitting the heavy bag with force and sparring, it might be a good idea to spend more and buy some of the other options here.


  • Very cheap so you can decide to upgrade if you stick with your new activity.
  • Cool design
  • Not bulky making them suitable for women


  • Questionable quality on some pairs
  • More suited for cardio training, not actual combat sports

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Best Women’s Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bag

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

The Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves are a mainstay in so many roundup glove reviews for a good reason. The exceptional wrist support provided by the Dual X closure makes them also suitable for women. The splinted support is a game changer in perfecting wrist alignment.

The T3 Hayabusa gloves are marketed as great all-around gloves, meaning they feel just right on the heavy bag. The engineered leather is very high quality, second only to genuine leather. The design is innovative and recognizable, and the 5-layer padding protects the hands of even the hardest hitters.

There is an abundance of color options, some of which are clearly aimed at women, and they are offered in all sizes, from 10 to 18 ounces. If there is a downside to the Hayabusa gloves for women, they are a bit bulky on the outside compared with the other gloves on our list.

Then the price is high for a product that doesn't use genuine leather. But outside of that, this is an excellent choice for high-quality boxing gloves for heavy bags and all other training needs.  


  • Exceptional wrist support to protect your wrists from injury.
  • Great variety of colors.
  • Innovative design and features.
  • High quality materials so it lasts.


  • A bit bulky for women.
  • Pricey for non-genuine leather.

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

How To Pick The Best Boxing Gloves For Women

Inside Compartment

A boxing glove must fit snugly on the hand. The more space inside for the hand to move around, the higher the chance of injury.

Women almost always have much smaller hands, and most gloves are too wide for them, even with hand wraps on. But not all gloves are too big, regardless if they are made for women, so when choosing, it's best to try them on or at least make sure the inside compartment is small enough from the reviews.

Wrist Support

Women's gloves must have a narrower wrist support. As good as the design is, even the best Velcro won't be enough if the wrist opening is too wide.

This is why gloves made for women always have a narrower wrist. This does not mean that women can only wear gloves made for them, but the wrist opening and supports need to be considered when making a choice.


The weight of the gloves used on the heavy bag is usually more of a personal preference; some like full protection, while others prefer to feel their punches. But for sparring, the guidelines are typically based on the boxer's weight. The most common recommendation for women is to pick up 12 ounces for all needs. 

If the practitioner weighs less than 110 pounds, even 10 ounces are suitable for those with the slightest frames. If the weight goes over 150 lbs, then 14 oz boxing gloves may be more appropriate to spar with.


Boxing gloves don't have a size chart; only their weight is measured in ounces. More often than not, the lighter the glove, the less bulky it is and the less space inside the glove. But this is not always the case, so each model has to be inspected separately.

Frequently Asked Questions About Womens Boxing Gloves

How Do You Pick Women’s Boxing Gloves?

The main thing to remember when choosing boxing gloves for women is the size, both on the inside of the glove and its overall size. 12 oz gloves from one brand can have a drastically different padding distribution and hand compartment than a 12 oz glove from another. 

Many unisex gloves are also appropriate for female boxers. You just need to check if the important points mentioned in the previous section are met.

What Is The Best Brand Of Boxing Gloves For Women?

Brands do not have women's-specific gloves outside of certain colors aimed at women. And those that do make special models are not necessarily the best. We've given you four solid options for all budgets, and among them, Hit N Move produces the best gloves.

What Size Boxing Gloves Should A Woman Get?

Most women should be fine with 12 oz gloves for all purposes. The lighter ones can go with 10 oz or even 8 oz, though the 8s are too light for sparring. Women needing more protection or with more sting in their punches should go with 14 oz.

Are Women’s Boxing Gloves Different?

Most boxing gloves are unisex and are not catered toward women. Some include pink and purple color palettes usually bought by women, but the glove remains the same.

But since more and more women are joining gyms, some brands have created gloves specifically made for women. The main difference is that they have a smaller hand compartment and are generally smaller and less bulky.


Hit N Move All Day-Balance gloves do not only live up to their name in versatility in the gym but have also struck a delicate balance to make a glove that will fit well both men and women.

If the price is too high for you, Sanabul has created a stylish glove that will fit most needs. If you are looking for stylish-looking gloves for cardio boxing or light contact, Everlast has you covered.

Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves For Women

Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves

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