XMartial Rash Guard Review

November 11, 2022

XMartial has burst onto the BJJ apparel scene with epic rash guard designs. There isn't a day gone by when I don't see someone at BJJ class wearing something from XMartial. So, are their rash guards worth the hype?


  • Anti-slip gel panel inside the waistband, so it doesn't ride up or twist while rolling.
  • Epic designs, including making custom designs.
  • High-quality material with the right amount of stretch making it extremely comfortable.
  • Flatlock stitching so it doesn’t come apart.
  • One-year warranty.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Not IBJJF legal if you compete in that federation.

XMartial Rash Guard Rating

I'm a huge fan of the XMartial Rash Guards. They are made from high quality material and have an anti-slip waistband to stop the rash guard rolling up as you train. Further, the variety of designs is unmatched!





XMartial Rash Guard

Wearing XMartial Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Material & Quality

The first thing you'll notice about the XMartial rash guard is its high-quality material and manufacturing. It can be disappointing to receive a new rash guard that feels thin. Often these are cheaper rash guards and typically only last for a short time.

XMartial rash guards feel sturdy as they are slightly thicker but still have the stretch required to make them comfortable and prevent tearing. Further, the stitching is flat-locked to prevent unraveling with use.


I believe all rash guards should have this feature, but most don't. XMartial has gone the extra mile to include an anti-slip gel panel inside the waistband. It truly is non-slip, which I have tested through many hard rolls.

Anti-Slip Gel Waistband XMartial Rash Guard

I've worn rash guards with an anti-slip waistband without the gel, which still rolls up. It can be a pain when this happens, especially during competition. XMartial rash guards will ensure you don't have this issue.


XMartial rash guards fit true to size. I'm a large for all my clothes and the same with XMartial. A few brands run their rash guard sizes too small, but XMartial isn't one of them.


It's relatively hard to find an uncomfortable rash guard. But some brands sit better than others by the way they are cut. XMartial has its proportions correct with the right amount of stretch to make the rash guard very comfortable.

XMartial Rash Guard Flatlock Stitching

There's even better news for women as they do a women's rash guard that tapers out at the bottom to cater to a female body type. This will better fit you than wearing a standard men's rash guard.


I have yet to find another company with the vast design options that XMartial has. You can be Goku, a Hill Billy, or even rep your Only Fans. Because the designs are sublimated onto the material, they won't fade or crack as you wash them.

If you are a minimalist, they also have you covered with plain black rash guards and minimal logos. You can also customize your rash guard with your own designs and logos!


Compared to the entire rash guard market, it may seem XMartial is expensive. However, if you compare XMartial against other high-end rash guard brands like Hayabusa and Venum, they are on par with high-end rash guard prices.

You pay for superior quality. I have budget rash guards, and they miss key features like an anti-slip waistband or are much thinner.

Frequently Asked XMartial Rash Guard Questions

Wearing XMartial Rash Guard Back

Is XMartial Reliable?

XMartial is a reliable company and has been around since 2016. They have a 4.7/5 star rating on Trustpilot and are making waves in the combat sports industry.

Where Is XMartial Located?

XMartial is located in Vancouver, Canada. But you can get a hold of them by emailing [email protected].

How Long Does XMartial Take To Deliver?

XMartial takes 1-3 weeks to ship orders within the USA. It may take slightly longer when shipping outside of the USA.

Does XMartial Ship Worldwide?

XMartial ships worldwide, so you're not constrained by your geography. Most brands only cater to the USA market, but XMartial wants the world to have their gear.


XMartial rash guards are epic. Well made with awesome designs, and you have a recipe for a great rash guard. This is why I've ranked them #1 as the best BJJ rash guard. I love their gear and have since partnered with XMartial to bring you the Sweet Science of Fighting x XMartial brand collab rash guard (coming soon!).

Use code "SWEETSCIENCE" for a 10% discount!

XMartial Rash Guard

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