XMartial BJJ Shorts Review (2024)

October 13, 2022

I recently got my hands on the XMartial BJJ Shorts. They’re becoming more well-known as they expand their social footprint and pop up on Google when searching for new BJJ shorts. So, I thought I’d take them for a test drive.

I understand the apprehensiveness about buying shorts from a non "A-list" brand. But you may have noticed more people in your BJJ gym showing up in XMartial-branded gear. I know I have. In almost every BJJ class, someone is wearing an XMartial rash guard, shorts, or spats.

So, here’s a detailed breakdown from a BJJ practitioner who uses the Xmartial BJJ Shorts regularly.


  • Anti-slip flexible waistband.
  • Slightly stretchy but strong shorts material.
  • Side leg slits for more freedom of movement.
  • Mid-cut shorts for less restriction.
  • Inner thigh stretch panels for durability.


  • If you don't like mid-cut BJJ shorts, their knee-length shorts options are limited.

XMartial BJJ Shorts Rating

XMartial BJJ shorts are an epic choice of shorts for your next BJJ class. They are superior quality made from long lasting material and are the most comfortable BJJ shorts I own. Impress your friends with a funky design while feeling comfortable and ready to roll.





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XMartial BJJ Grappling Shorts

The XMartial BJJ Shorts are made from 100% polyester. In my opinion, they have the perfect amount of stretch. Especially compared to other BJJ shorts like Gold BJJ Shorts that have far too much stretch and very thin fabric.

The polyester material in XMartial shorts is strong but stretches slightly for ease of movement. Further, the shorts are double-stitched to prevent ripping. What's great is the company is constantly improving the quality of its gear.

An essential feature I believe all BJJ shorts should have is the inner thigh stretch panels that XMartial has. It ensures the shorts last many years of intense rolling without tearing through the middle. The overall quality is extraordinary, and you won’t be disappointed with what you get.


Other than the materials and quality of the shorts, the other important feature of quality BJJ shorts is the waistband. This can make or break a pair of shorts. For example, Fuji Grappling shorts have a rigid waistband with an uncomfortable Velcro strap which I cannot wear due to how it irritates me.

On the other hand, XMartial’s waistband is made to perfection. It is stretchy, has an anti-slip feature, stays stuck on your hips, and has a Velcro strap and drawstring if you want to secure your shorts further.

XMartial BJJ Shorts Waistband

Typically, I'm not a fan of Velcro straps, as they can irritate my skin as it rubs. However, the way XMartial has designed theirs is genius, as I don't feel any rough Velcro against my skin.


XMartial BJJ Shorts fit true to size. I am a large, 34" waist, and these fit well. I love the length of these shorts that are mid-cut instead of knee-length. It feels like I have more freedom to move.


XMartial Shorts Review

I find these shorts very comfortable, especially when rolling on the mats. I had positional sparring class in these and completed 1 min/10 sec for an entire 60-minute class with these and didn't have to readjust them.

Other shorts I have worn need readjusting after every hard roll. These don’t. Further, they don't slip down due to the anti-slip waistband.


I have yet to see another company pull off this many epic designs. If you’re a plain shorts guy, they have catered for you. But if you love eccentric designs and patterns, you’ll love the wide range of options you have.


Prices range drastically depending on the shorts and what’s on sale. But XMartial BJJ shorts range between $45 and $80. This may seem on the high end compared to other BJJ shorts on Amazon, but the quality difference is noticeable. It’s why XMartial is rated my #1 best BJJ shorts.

Frequently Asked XMartial BJJ Shorts Questions

Is XMartial Reliable?

XMartial is a reliable company and has been around since 2016. They have a 4.7/5 star rating on Trustpilot and are making waves in the combat sports industry.

Where Is XMartial Located?

XMartial is located in Vancouver, Canada. But you can get a hold of them by emailing [email protected].

How Long Does XMartial Take To Deliver?

XMartial takes 1-3 weeks to ship orders within the USA. It may take slightly longer when shipping outside of the USA.

Does XMartial Ship Worldwide?

XMartial ships worldwide, so you're not constrained by your geography. Most brands only cater to the USA market, but XMartial wants the world to have their gear.

XMartial BJJ Shorts

XMartial BJJ Shorts

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