War Locker A3 Jock Groin Protector Review (2024)

April 21, 2023

Groin cups are a necessity for combat sports. Strikers know all about stray kicks to the groin area. Grapplers don't often wear cups, but it is advisable when practicing leg locks, as stray feet can find their way to your cargo.

And a new player on the market is ready to protect your groin—the War Locker A3 Jock Groin Protector. I've tested it, so you know exactly what you're getting.


  • Can be worn against the skin or over your shorts, depending on your preference.
  • Machine washable, so you don't have to remove the cup each wash.
  • 3-layer cup for comfort and protection so you don't get a hard shock when struck.


  • Not a compression shorts cup if you prefer that style.
War Locker A3 Jock Strap Groin Protector

War Locker A3 Jock Groin Protector Rating

If you're after a new jock strap cup, the War Locker A3 groin protector is a no brainer. Superior protection and high-quality materials will protect your crown jewels!







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War Locker A3 Jock Groin Protector

War Locker A3 Cup

Material & Quality

This is not a basic plastic cup that will crack with use, putting your crown jewels at risk. It is a 3-layer cup. The inner layer is the hard cup that can withstand almost anything thrown at it. But to make it comfortable, they’ve encased it in foam so you don’t get shocked when inevitably struck in the groin.

The third layer is a flexible edge, so it's soft against your legs and moves with you. This is a patented design, so no other cup has these features. The jockstrap material feels like silk and is light and unnoticeable.

Further, there’s extra protective padding on the front of the belt. It’s also easy to wash. Just throw the whole groin protector in the washing machine with the cup inside. Make sure not to put it through the dryer.


This is not just a plastic cup. It’s a solid cup encased in foam that is extremely rigid. I felt my groin area was encased and protected from any accidental shots. Further, there was no bunching or trapping of my junk.

It's why we've ranked this groin protector the best MMA cup with a jock strap.


The War Locker A3 Jock Groin Protector fits true to size. I have a 34' waist and have the 34' – 36' size, which fits well. Importantly, if you're on the lower end of their range, pick the size where your waist is the lower number.


War Locker A3 Jock Strap Cup

I don't like wearing cups, regardless, but this was surprisingly comfortable. The jockstrap can be adjusted so it sits securely around your butt. Further, it can be placed over your compression shorts so it’s not against your skin.

The silk-like material used for the jockstrap is light and doesn't irritate the skin. It also wraps around each butt cheek and not as a thong which is an important feature.

I have bigger legs than most combat athletes, and I felt the cup press against my thighs which took a bit to get used to. But this isn't exclusive to the War Locker A3 Jock Groin Protector, as it contours well around the legs.


Diamond MMA Cups are the leader within this space, and their price reflects it. But the War Locker A3 has created a premium cup to rival Diamond at a similar price point. When using my code "SSOF," they come close to the same price.

This is a premium cup with the price reflecting the high-quality construction and patented comfortable design.


Groin protectors are not something to skimp on. Cheap cups will crack, and the last thing you want is a sharp piece of plastic getting close to your ever-precious cargo. Be smart and purchase a cup like the War Locker A3 Jock Groin Protector to keep yourself safe.

War Locker A3 Jock Groin Protector

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