Turns Out, "Just Roll More" Isn't Good Conditioning Advice

The Underground Grappling Conditioning System. A Conditioning Program To Dominate The Mats!

If You'd Love To Reach The Final Round Feeling Fresher Than A Daisy, Then This Will Be The Most Life-Changing Message You've Ever Read.

I used to think you could just roll more... spend more time on the mats drilling...

Do some hard interval style training (because that's what the "experts" say right?...)

And then you'll have cardio to kick ass!

I went into my first match of the day at the IBJJF Austin Open... which I won.

So far so good... however, I felt like I had to stumble off the mats.

I was shocked.

I could easily roll multiple rounds in training.

But after this first round in competition, I was gassed!

I couldn't fully recover in time for my second match, and I was at the mercy of my cardio...

Which led me to re-evaluate everything I knew about conditioning for grappling.

The Solution? Prioritizing Low Intensity Aerobic Training

It sounds counter-intuitive. Why should you spend all this time doing easy cardio when grappling is intense!

  • Enhanced recovery between fights and rounds
  • Better ability to use your speed & power energy systems
  • Maintain intensity without fatigue

More Than An 8-Week Program

2 different 8-week conditioning programs based on your test results

Individualized Conditioning

Two easy tests will dictate your program giving you an individualized approach

Optimized Progression

Logical progressions of exercises, intensity, and volume so you maximize your conditioning

Easy To Perform Conditioning Tests At Home

Easy conditioning tests to track progress and influence your program

Automatically Calculate Test Results

Get a Google Sheet where you can enter your test results which will place you into the correct conditioning program

Built For The Busy And Non-Busy Grappler

Some can't dedicate full sessions to conditioning. Separate programs caters for those who can and those who can't

What Makes This Program Unique?

Developed By An International Level Strength & Conditioning Coach

I have been worked in three different countries at the professional and International level of elite sport. Through years of experience, trial and error, and hours of research, I have developed a winning training strategy that will transfer directly to your grappling performance.

Built So You Can Train Regardless Of The Time You Have

With the amount of training many grapplers do, some simply won't perform extra conditioning as there just isn't any time. I get that. I've solved this problem by providing conditioning programs for time poor grappler that train often and also for those that can dedicate extra sessions purely for conditioning.

Scientifically Proven Strategies To Enhance Your Cardio

Did you know that high-intensity interval training will only improve your cardio for about 4 weeksDid you know training at high heart rates all the time is likely to cause you to gas out when competing in grappling tournaments? This program dives deep into targeting specific adaptations that will give you the biggest, baddest gas tank.

8 Weeks To Dominate The Mats

Underground Grappling Conditioning System

Never gas out on the mats again


47 94

  • Underground Grappling Conditioning System
  • 2 x 8 Week Grappling Conditioning Programs
  • Programs Based On Individual Fitness Test Results
  • Easily Track Progress Through Testing

Here Is What You Get

The Underground Grappling Conditioning System comes with...

PDF Detailing Every Part Of Your Training

Notes, breakdown of every conditioning modality, how to perform the tests, and the program itself is all conveniently packaged inside a PDF document so you can read it on your phone or laptop.

Google Sheet That Automatically Calculates Test Scores

Simply enter your numbers, and see where your number falls in the table provided. That is the program that will optimize your conditioning.

3-Days A Week Conditioning Program

The busy grappler will tack on shorter conditioning sessions after their grappling training. Those who have the time can perform dedicated conditioning sessions. Both type of athlete is catered for.


What Level Of grappler Is This For?

Any level of grappler can benefit from this. As you have options between specific and non-specific conditioning modalities, the beginner can top up their technical training by conditioning using specific means. While the high-level grappler may opt for some non-specific conditioning modalities to give themselves a break from the repetitive technical training.

Can I Do This If I Don't Compete?

Yes, you don't need to compete to benefit. This conditioning program will get you awesome shape for your grappling training.

Can I Use This If I Do Other Martial Arts?

This program was specifically designed for the grappling athlete. I have other conditioning programs for striking and MMA based martial arts.

I Grapple 6x a week, can this program work for me?

100%. I've designed this knowing full well that grappling athletes have a lot to cover in their training week. 

What Equipment Do I Need?

Most of the training is performed using no equipment except for your training mats. Some methods will require some cardio equipment but there are work arounds.

About Me.

I have my MSc in Sport & Exercise Science, published two academic research papers, and worked as an S&C coach with professional and international athletes around the world. My biggest passion is to help combat athletes, like you, receive the best training possible to level up your performance.

I've Got A BONUS For You!

A full nutrition handbook for combat sports!

Hitting regular conditioning schedule for your MMA performance is only one piece of the puzzle. The other piece is your nutrition.

Without sound nutrition, gaining muscle mass or getting lean will be something you are always chasing without any results to show for it.

The Nutrition For Combat Sports Handbook will teach you: 

  • How to calculate your calories and macronutrients WITHOUT fancy, expensive equipment. Just a calculator!
  • A food checklist to guide your diet.
  • How to put together a nutrition plan with an example.

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Stop Gassing Out And Taking Unnecessary Damage!

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Underground Grappling Conditioning System

Two 8-Week Conditioning Programs

Your conditioning program will be chosen based on your conditioning tests.

BONUS! Nutrition For Combat Sports Handbook

Get your nutrition sorted so your strength gains don't go to waste.

Never Lose Again Because Of Your Cardio!

Underground Grappling Conditioning System

Never gas out on the mats again


47 94

  • Underground Grappling Conditioning System
  • 2 x 8 Week Grappling Conditioning Programs
  • Programs Based On Individual Fitness Test Results
  • Easily Track Progress Through Testing