Revgear Pro Series MS1 MMA Gloves Review (2024)

March 5, 2023

Standard competition MMA gloves are usually too thin for anything other than very light MMA sparring. Most models leave the middle knuckles open, which get easily scraped, so they are not very good for pads or heavy bags. This is where sparring and hybrid MMA gloves come into play.

Owning at least one pair is mandatory if you train MMA, but there are many options on the market. One solid choice for an all-around great MMA glove is the Pro Series MS1 MMA training and sparring glove by Revgear. Let's see what stands behind this long name.


  • High quality feel and excellent construction.
  • Compact outside size for a 7 oz glove.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Seamless opening and closing of the hand.
  • Good value for a durable and versatile pair of gloves.
  • Perfect for MMA sparring for those who favor grappling.


  • Padding is a bit thin for heavy striking.
  • The second knuckle is not covered enough and can get scraped on a heavy bag, or it can land on a sparring partner.
Revgear Pro Series MS1 MMA Gloves

Revgear Pro Series MS1 MMA Gloves Rating

The MS1 MMA gloves by Revgear are a solid choice for an all-around MMA glove. They are very well put together from high-quality materials. The best part is the comfort, ease of making a first, and the little to no hand fatigue coming from this fact. The MS1 are compact for their 7 ounces and are perfect for grapplers, but may be too thin for those with heavier hands.







Bag Work

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Revgear Pro Series MS1 MMA Gloves

Revgear Pro Series MS1 MMA Gloves Review

Key Feature Of The Pro Series MS1 MMA Gloves By Revgear

Coming at the standard 7 ounces for an MMA sparing glove, Revgear promises the MS1 model will be the only glove you need for your MMA striking, grappling, and sparring training. Let’s look at the key features of this model:

  • Flexible 100% Softech Leather
  • Easy to make a fist
  • Faster break-in
  • Less hand fatigue
  • No grip loss
  • Superior protection
  • Durable reinforced construction

Revgear has been in the game for a very long time. After thoroughly testing the gloves, I can tell you they understand their products' strengths very well, which is clearly seen from their key features, which are exactly what I like about the gloves. But let's look at the features one by one.

Craftsmanship And Quality


Revgear MMA Gloves

The Softech leather Revgear uses has been proven to be of very high quality in both combat sports gear and many other products, like car seats. The feel of the material is smooth, and I don't think a non-specialist can tell the difference between this and lower-grade genuine leather.

I've had issues with stitching on boxing gloves by Revgear, but there is absolutely none on the MS1 MMA model.

Everything is exemplary, all the stitches are clean and precise, and the whole glove construction looks solid and durable. I have no doubt these will last for a long time.

The lining is also pleasant and soft, providing a great feel without needing hand wraps. Overall, the Revgear MS1 gloves feel and look like a high-quality product.

Design And Comfort

A highlight of the design is the pre-curved shape, which helps make a fist feel very natural. The contoured finger loops also aid in this regard. I was very pleasantly surprised by the initial feel of the glove.

Usually, most models require a longer break-in period, while these felt great immediately. There is almost no stiffness, especially on the fingers, which is typically problematic.

Perhaps the best part of these gloves is the comfort and ease of opening and closing the hand. The pre-curved design keeps your fingers pointing down and away from your partner's eyes.

Still, it's easy and without restrictions when opening the hand fully. This means your hand will not tire out while striking or grappling.

Like I've said, Revgear knows where they've hit the mark and took the chance to point it out in their official key features.


Revgear MS1 MMA Gloves

At the standard weight of 7 ounces for an MMA sparring glove, the MS1 is surprisingly compact. The padding's softness feels very good.

It's multilayered and suitable for sparring, which is one of the primary purposes of all-around MMA gloves. There is also a solid padding piece on the thumb, which offers sufficient protection there. 

A second piece of padding is placed to protect the back of your hand while blocking. I would've liked the knuckle piece to cover the middle knuckles better, as some other MMA sparring gloves do.

But quality-wise, the padding impresses with its compact size and good protection. 

What Are Revgear Pro Series MS1 MMA Gloves Good For?

The Revgear MS1 MMA gloves are marketed as a great crossover glove, and I can agree with that. But there are things it does better and others that are lacking.

The most impressive feature is the easy opening and closing of the hand and the very open palm, making the MS1 an excellent glove for grapplers. 

The bulk of the knuckle padding is smaller than many other MMA hybrid gloves, making it easier to pull your hand through tight spots.

This is, of course, imperative for submission specialists, who find that other, more padded gloves obstruct the paths of their hands while grappling.

This same feature, though, makes these less ideal for heavy hitters. I didn't feel confident enough to let my hands go at will in sparring, as I felt the protection for my partner was not enough.

Then the knuckle padding does not cover the middle knuckle enough, and if you hook a bit lazily without turning the hand enough, you may land with the bone. This also means the MS1 is not a very good heavy bag, either.

There is a good chance you will scrape your second knuckle if your punch placement is not perfect. On the pads, though, these feel nice.

Overall, the Revgear MS1 is a solid MMA crossover glove that can serve multiple purposes. It performs best for those who favor grappling over striking, but it's still soft enough for full MMA sparring. This is why it is ranked the best MMA gloves for training.

You can train ground and pound, pads, and on the heavy bag, but on the last part, you should be cautious. My only gripe with it is the coverage of the middle knuckles. I am predominantly a striker and would wear gloves that offer more protection for my partners so I can punch without worrying too much.

However, if I want to work on submissions and still be able to strike, these would be a perfect choice.


Revgear equipment is always reasonably priced, and the MS1 does not break the trend. At $60, these will serve you in all aspects of training, and if my few training sessions and feel for the quality of the gloves are enough of an indication, they will last quite a while.

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Revgear Pro Series MS1 MMA Gloves

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Plamen has been training for the last 14 years in karate and kickboxing, before settling in for MMA for the last 5 years. He has a few amateur kickboxing fights and currently trains with and helps a stable of professional and amateur MMA fighters.


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