Revgear Bionic Compression Rash Guard Review (2024)

April 9, 2023

Are you seeking a high-quality rash guard that won't break the bank? I'm all for spending money on a high-quality rash guard, but what if you can get high-quality on a budget? The Revgear Bionic Compression Rash Guard is just that.


  • Comfortable moisture-wicking material keeping you dry.
  • High-quality DuraStitch stitching so it doesn’t fall apart with use or washing.
  • Fits true to size, so you don't need to guess up or down a size.


  • Not IBJJF legal if you compete in that federation.

Revgear Bionic Compression Rash Guard Rating

The Revgear Bionic Compression Rash Guard is an epic budget BJJ rash guard. 





Revgear Bionic Compression Rash Guard


Revgear Bionic Rash Guard

Material & Quality

You'll first notice how nice the rash guard feels to wear. It is made from UltraDry moisture-wicking fabric with TruFlow side ventilation. It feels cool and breathes well when you wear it.

Even taking it out of my clothes draw, it feels cool, so it doesn't trap heat. It is made from your typical 80% nylon and 20% spandex blend giving it the perfect stretch. The stitching is also high-quality. They even named their stitching DuraStitch NeverSplit seams, which shows on the rash guard.


One of the features I look for in a solid rash guard is an anti-slip panel on the inside of the waistband. Unfortunately, Revgear Bionic Compression Rash Guard doesn't have one. However, the tapered waist keeps it sitting tight, and you don't have a baggy midsection like cheaper rash guards have.


The Revgear rash guard fits perfectly. I'm a size L, and the large fit me true to size. You can see in the pictures how well it fits me at 5’8” and approximately 190 lbs.


Most rash guards are comfortable. Some you may need to twist and turn to get it sitting correctly around your shoulders and arms. There's no such problem with the Revgear Bionic Compression Rash Guard.


This is one area where Revgear is lacking. There are only three designs. Black, black and gray, and black and green. There's nothing fancy here, so if you're a minimalist with your BJJ gear, these will suit you perfectly.

If you compete in IBJJF no-gi competitions, you won’t be able to wear this rash guard because the design does not meet their requirements. But any other submission grappling competition


The price and the excellent quality make this the best BJJ rash guard on a budget. Especially with my discount code "SWEETSCIENCE" giving you a further 10% off, making it a little over $30.


Made from moisture-wicking fabric and high-quality stitching, the Revgear Bionic Compression Rash Guard feels cool and comfortable. While it lacks an anti-slip panel on the waistband, the tapered waist ensures a snug fit—a worthy addition to your rash guard collection.

Revgear Bionic Compression Rash Guard


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