Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard Review (2024)

November 15, 2022

Hayabusa is well known for its high-end fight gear. From gloves to shorts and shoes, they make gear that lasts! Does their Hayabusa Fusion rash guard continue their quality trend?


  • Anti-slip gel panel inside the waistband, so it doesn't ride up or twist while rolling.
  • High-quality material slightly less stretch while still being extremely comfortable.
  • Flatlock stitching so it doesn’t come apart.


  • Not IBJJF legal if you compete in that federation.
  • Only available in long sleeve.

Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard Rating

The Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard lives up to the Hayabusa name. They are made from high quality material and have an anti-slip waistband to stop the rash guard rolling up as you train. It is slightly stiffer than other rash guards reducing the risk of tearing.





Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard

Hayabusa Fusion Rash Guard Long Sleeve

Material & Quality

The Hayabusa Fusion rash guard is one of the highest quality rash guards I have worn and own. If I were going to rank it against others, I'd have XMartial as the best BJJ rash guard because of its similar features, quality manufacturing, and epic designs. And I’d have Hayabusa Fusion rash guard at a close second place.

It's made of 94% polyester and 6% elastane band. It feels less stretchy than other rash guards because of this fabric blend, but it is more resistant to tearing. The rash guard has quality flatlock stitching, so it doesn't unravel with rolling and washing.


Like the XMartial rash guard, the Hayabusa Fusion rash guard has an anti-slip gel waistband preventing it from rolling up your body as you roll. It's so effective you need to turn the waistband up, so the gel isn't against your skin or shorts to take it off.

Hayabusa Fusion Anti Slip Gel Waistband


This rash guard fits true to size. I'm a size L, and the large fit me perfectly. For reference, I’m 5’8” (173 cm) and 195 lbs (86 kg).

You could size up if you don't like your rash guards as tight due to the reduced elastic material, but you may likely find the rash guard sits too long at the waist and sleeves.


While it doesn't stretch as much as other rash guards, it is still very comfortable to wear and train in. When putting it on, you may need to adjust the sleeves initially as they tend to twist and not sit properly. But this means nothing for the function and comfort of the Hayabusa rash guard, and you typically need to adjust the sleeves after putting on most rash guards.

Hayabusa Rash Guard Stitching


These designs look awesome. It's an intriguing metallic style where you can find a blend of two colors as it stretches and as you move. In the pictures, I'm wearing the blue/green style. But you also have black/purple, grey/aqua, and purple/green.

Because of these designs, the Hayabusa Fusion rash guard is not IBJJF legal. Be aware of that if you compete in that federation.


Regarding price, you’re paying in the range of high-end rash guards. Because it is a high-end quality rash guard that will last you many years without falling apart. Don’t expect a rash guard of this quality with features like the anti-slip waistband for the price of a budget rash guard.


Chest (Inches)

Waist (Inches)


32.5 – 35

26 – 29


35 – 37.5

29 – 32


37.5 – 40

32 – 34


40 – 42.5

34 – 38


42.5 – 46

38 – 43


If you're in the market for a high-end rash guard, the Hayabusa Fusion is an excellent choice. It is manufactured from high-quality material and reinforced stitching, with an anti-slip waistband. The only downside is you can only get this in a long sleeve.

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