Gold BJJ Shorts Review (2024)

October 14, 2022

Gold BJJ Shorts are middle-of-the-range fight shorts with excellent ratings on Amazon. So, I had to buy them and see if they were worth the hype. I’ve worn them in during different BJJ classes and put them through the test so you can make an informed decision.


  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Very stretchy, so you have no movement restrictions.
  • Flexible waistband.
  • IBJJF legal.


  • The material is very thin and feels like it can tear easily.
  • Start to ride up your legs after hard rounds.
  • Feels like a pair of soccer shorts.

Gold BJJ Shorts Rating

I'm not a raving fan of Gold BJJ Shorts. If you're looking for something lightweight and very stretchy, these might be the shorts for you. But I'd highly recommend upgrading to better-quality BJJ shorts that are more comfortable.





Gold BJJ Grappling Shorts

Material & Quality

This is where the Gold BJJ Shorts most let me down. Don't get me wrong; these make an excellent entry-level BJJ short because of their price. However, they feel like a pair of soccer shorts. While made from 100% polyester, they are thin and stretch more than any other shorts I have.

They feel like they can easily tear if pulled or stretched too hard on the mats, and I'm too scared to test that myself. Some of the stitching is unraveled on my pair already, but it hasn't affected the shorts negatively.

Gold BJJ Shorts Material Stretch


The waistband is your typical sports shorts waistband. Flexible with a drawstring. However, it doesn’t have any anti-slip features like my favorite XMartial BJJ Shorts do. I haven’t had any issues with Gold BJJ Shorts slipping down because of this.

Gold BJJ Shorts Waistband


The Gold BJJ Shorts fit true to size. I'm a size large in all my clothing, and these fit around my waist perfectly. The length goes to my knees, which I expected as these are a knee-length cut, but that may put some BJJ practitioners off if you like mid-cut shorts.


These shorts are comfortable to wear as they are. It's like wearing a regular pair of sports shorts. However, once you start rolling hard rounds, the legs ride up, and you need to pull them down mid roll. It’s a bit of a pain.

It's something to do with the material they use, as it gets stuck to the bottom of my feet when I put the shorts on and then stuck when they ride up my leg. If you wore them over spats, you might mitigate these issues.


Gold BJJ Shorts are severely limited in design options. They have one design in black with their logo in white. If you prefer plain shorts, you're sorted.


I mentioned these were mid-range BJJ shorts at the beginning of this article. I say that because of the price. At around $35, they sit between the cheaper and more expensive options. I can confidently say there are better quality BJJ shorts that are cheaper. Specifically, the Elite Sports Fight Shorts which are my #1 choice for the best BJJ shorts on a budget.

Gold BJJ Shorts For No-Gi

Gold BJJ Shorts

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