Elite Sports Fight Shorts Review (2024)

November 21, 2022

The Elite Sports Fight Shorts are one where you can't judge the quality by its price. These are some of the cheapest BJJ shorts on Amazon and any online store. So, I had to buy them and put them to the test.


  • Excellent quality for budget BJJ shorts.
  • Thick and flexible waistband for comfort.
  • Inner thigh stretch panels.
  • IBJJF legal.


  • The only negative is the lack of design options.

Elite Sports Fight Shorts Rating

The Elite Sports Fight Shorts are the best budget BJJ shorts you can find. They are well manufactured with quality material, sit well around the waist, and don't slip or move around when rolling.





Elite Sports Fight Shorts

Elite Sports Fight Shorts BJJ

Material & Quality

When I think of $20 BJJ shorts, I think of shorts where the size large is small, and the legs are different lengths. And I was fully expecting this as I had a poor experience with the Elite Sports Pre-Shrunk Gi. However, the Elite Sports Fight Shorts turned my perception of their brand a complete 180°.

They use a 100% microfiber fabric that feels great and is highly robust with a slight stretch. It’s a great combination of stretch and stiffness for a secure feeling knowing they won’t tear if pulled. I've trained in these multiple times and have had no issues.


The waistband is thick and flexible, which I like as it sits comfortably. There's no Velcro strap in the front, which I like, so it doesn't stick to your rash guard. Further, it has a soft drawstring to tighten the shorts. I've found I hadn't needed to use this and leave it untied.

Elite Sports Fight Shorts Waistband


The Elite Sports Fight Shorts fit true to size. I'm a size large, and they fit perfectly. The length, for me, is spot on. While they are knee-length BJJ shorts, they don't sit over the knees when standing. I have complete freedom of movement when rolling on the mats.


These shorts are highly comfortable. Outside of my XMartial BJJ shorts, these are my go-to for training. I like my shorts mid-thigh, so they don't catch feet and fingers when drilling and rolling.

While Elite Sports Fight Shorts are knee length, they are still shorter than all other knee-length shorts I've bought and used.

Elite Sports Fight Shorts Stretch Panels


You're out of luck if you're a big design guy or gal. They have black with black seams or black with gray seams. If epic designs are your thing while not compromising quality, check out my favorite XMartial BJJ shorts.


I couldn't believe a pair of BJJ shorts could be so cheap. At approximately $20, the quality blows my mind. If you're on a budget, these are for you. I couldn’t recommend another pair of BJJ shorts for $20. That is why I rated these the best BJJ shorts on a budget.


Elite Sports Fight Shorts are calling for you if you're looking for plain, entry-level BJJ shorts on a budget. They are comfortable, well manufactured, and don't act like $20 shorts. A pair of these in your BJJ shorts collection is a cheap way to ensure you never run out!

Elite Sports Fight Shorts

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