Sick Of Leaving The Gym Sore & Tired Ruining Your Training On The Mats?

Level Up Your BJJ/Grappling With Your Expert Strength Training System

What is the difference between sparring and fighting in bjj

Some Strength Training Programs Aren't Meant For Grapplers

So you see many of the "new school" grapplers/BJJ practitioners on Instagram hitting the gym...

...So you decide it's time to start strength training to gain an edge over your competition.

However, you soon find yourself excessively sore...


Even fatigued as you get on the mats to drill and roll each day.

So you change gym routines.

No difference.

You are still sore, tired, and fatigued getting on the mats to train.

And you have no progress to show for it.

You don't feel stronger during stand-up.

Your squeeze still isn't tapping your opponent out.

So you decide to stop going to the gym altogether.

But what if there was a strength training program specifically designed to improve your grappling/BJJ performance without leaving you a tired mess for the mats?

The Solution? A Versatile Training Program To Get You Grappling Strong 

how to condition for grappling

The Dominate The Mats Strength Training System was created to help fighters just like YOU who are struggling to find the right solution to getting stronger specifically for grappling/BJJ without being sore, tired, and fatigued for training on the mats.

Never Be Hampered By An Injury Or Restricted Movement

Select your own exercises from the movement specific drop-down list

Stop Guessing What To Do Before Competition

Program includes a 6-week training cycle leading into a competition

Near Unlimited Exercise Combinations

Never get bored of your strength training routine again. Simply pick different exercises

Use All Year Round

Never get to the gym wondering what to do again

Won't Negatively Affect BJJ/Grappling Training

The optimal amount of work to leave you feeling ready for class

Build Robustness To Injury

Specifically addresses commonly injured areas that occur when grappling

What Makes This Program Unique?

Developed By An International Level Strength & Conditioning Coach

I have been worked in three different countries at the professional and International level of elite sport. Through years of experience, I have developed an effective way to balance strength training and BJJ/Grappling to maximize transfer to the mats. I also compete in BJJ.

Built For The BJJ/Grappling Practitioner

As a BJJ practitioner myself, I know the struggle to balance strength training with training on the mats. Do too much in the gym, and you suffer on the mats. Not to mention that feeling of tightness and fatigue can increase your risk of injury. Hence why this program has found the optimal balance of strength training while addressing commonly injured areas.

Scientifically Proven Strategies To Get Stronger And More Powerful While Minimizing Fatigue

I'm a science nerd. You may have gathered that from the articles I've written on Sweet Science Of Fighting. The set and rep strategies used in this program are scientifically proven to reduce fatigue while getting you stronger and more powerful.

Stop Losing To Stronger Opponents. Be The Enforcer!

Dominate The Mats

Specific Strength Training For Grappling. Become The Enforcer


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  • Dominate The Mats Strength Training For Grapplers
  • 8 Week Grappling Strength Program
  • 6 Week Competition Strength Program
  • 6 Week "Farm Boy Strong" Program
  • Customizable Through The Drop Down Menu

Here Is What You Get

The Dominate The Mats program comes with...

8-Week & 2x6-Weeks Excel Template

Receive a spreadsheet that will automatically calculate loads of your main lifts.

Drop-Down Exercise Selection

The template allows you to pick the exercise for each section of the workout from a drop-down list.

A Notes PDF

This PDF will walk you through the what's, why's, when's, and how's.

Direct Email To Me

If you have any problems, questions, or want to update me with your training, you can email me any time!


What Level Of BJJ/Grappler Is This For?

This program was made for the BJJ/Grappling enthusiast that trains regularly and often who loves to compete at the local, state, and national level.

Can I Do This If I Don't Compete?

Yes, you don't need to compete to benefit. This strength training program will level up your game on the mats.

Can I Use This If I Do Other Martial Arts?

This strength training program was made specifically for the BJJ/Grappler. For that reason, I would not advise this for other martial arts.

I've Never Been In The Gym. Should I Use This?

Ideally you have some gym experience behind you. If not, you can pick the basic exercise variations to start with.

What Equipment Do I Need?

The basic barbell, squat stands or rack, and plates. I've built this program where anything outside this is optional.

About Me.

I'm just your regular BJJ blue belt. Gained under Professor Ruy Frade at BTT in Austin, Texas. I started my Gi journey with Catalin Vlad from Matside Romania. However, my real expertise lies in the world of Strength & Conditioning. I have my MSc in Sport & Exercise Science, published two academic research papers, and worked as an S&C coach in professional and international rugby around the world.

I've Got A BONUS For You!

A full nutrition handbook for combat sports!

Hitting the gym and getting stronger for your grappling/BJJ game is only one piece of the puzzle. The other piece is your nutrition.

Without sound nutrition, gaining muscle mass or getting lean will be something you are always chasing without any results to show for it.

The Nutrition For Combat Sports Handbook will teach you: 

  • How to calculate your calories and macronutrients WITHOUT fancy, expensive equipment. Just a calculator!
  • A food checklist to guide your diet.
  • How to put together a nutrition plan with an example.

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Dominate The Mats Strength Training Program

8 Week & 2x6-Week Strength Training Program

Buy it once for lifetime access. Run the program multiple cycles for extra gains! 6-week competition cycle and a "Farm Boy Strong" program for crazy grappling gains.

BONUS! Nutrition For Combat Sports Handbook

Get your nutrition sorted so your strength gains don't go to waste.

Dominate The Mats

Specific Strength Training For Grappling. Become The Enforcer


47 97

  • Dominate The Mats Strength Training For Grapplers
  • 8 Week Grappling Strength Program
  • 6 Week Competition Strength Program
  • 6 Week "Farm Boy Strong" Program
  • Customizable Through The Drop Down Menu