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If You'd Love To Be In The Best Fighting Shape Of Your Life (Without The Lung Busting, Vomit Inducing Sprints), Then This Will Be The Most Exciting Message You've Ever Read.

I used to think high-intensity interval training or just sparring and rolling is all you needed to be in the best shape possible for combat sports. It's what the "experts" have always said right?

I have learned a lot about conditioning throughout my career as a strength & conditioning coach working with high-level athletes.

I've also encountered many failures as an athlete following the so called "experts."

I spent months training for the Austin Open IBJJF Tournament. As almost every "expert" on the internet says, "just roll more" and you'll be in tip top shape.

So I did, I was training BJJ and rolling 5-6x per week! Come the tournament, I was excited. I was the leanest I'd been from sound dieting and felt in great shape.

So much so that I won the first round. But after that first round, man oh man was I absolutely gassed. When it came to my second round, I was toast. 

And that was the end of my competition. There were many things I didn't know then that I know now that I want to share with you.

Such as the aerobic energy system isn't stressed very highly during rolling. That high-intensity interval training can really be detrimental to your fight performance regardless of your martial art if performed chronically.

What many fighters don't realize is that hard training does not guarantee fight success. All hard training guarantees is that you trained hard.

The World Class Conditioning System For Combat Sports

That is why I've put together this World Class Conditioning Online Course. To share every conditioning secret I have learned, and to leave no conditioning method hidden so you can maximize your conditioning training. This course is designed so you can quickly gain powerful knowledge about conditioning for combat sports to the point where you will be able to create your own program!

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You will get instant access to the course after signing up. Your login details will be sent straight to your inbox so you can start at any time. This is lifetime access allowing you to go at your own pace.

By the end of the course, you will have all of my conditioning secrets, philosophies, and methods at your disposal so you'll never need a conditioning coach again.

Design Your Own Effective Conditioning Program

Never have to pay for conditioning programs again. Simply create your own with the tools and knowledge I'll be providing you with.

Gain The Most Scientific, Up To Date Understanding Of Conditioning You Can Use To Level Up Your Training

You can't learn about conditioning from anywhere. Most resources aren't up to date with the current science resulting in using out of date conditioning modalities.

Shortcut To Conditioning Success

Learn the science and 'how to' putting you well ahead of your competitors regarding your preparation.

Free Access To All Future Updates

Whenever I update the course, add new things I've learned, and make any changes, you will get these updates free for life.


I've done 5-6 courses about conditioning. World Class Conditioning For Combat Sports was by far the best. It cleared my mind about conditioning and now I see the mistakes many are making that I won't make again!

Mateusz Michalak , Head Coach & Owner Trifecta Gym

What’s In The Course

Here is a breakdown of the modules in this online course.


Module 1: Introduction

These two lessons run for 3 minutes covering exactly what to expect throughout this online course. You will also be able to download the PowerPoint slides for notes or future reference as well as the bonus.


Module 2: Fatigue Science

Lesson: Why We Fatigue (5:52)

Here you will learn the current theories behind why we fatigue, and what you can do to prolong fatigue so you don't gas out.


Module 3: Energy System Development

Lesson: Energy System Development 101 (3:55)

Lesson: Push/Pull Aerobic & Anaerobic Capacity (2:58)

Lesson: Power vs. Capacity (1:20)

Lesson: The Most Important Energy System? (2:52)

Lesson: Aerobic Adaptations (5:28)

Lesson: Anaerobic Lactic Energy System (3:17)

Lesson: Speed & Power Energy System (1:50)

This module will give you everything you need to know about energy systems in just over 20 minutes of video. The interplay between aerobic and anaerobic processes and the adaptations you want to target are the main lessons you will learn.


Module 4: Conditioning Tests

Lesson: Resting Heart Rate (3:10)

Lesson: Heart Rate Recovery (3:06)

Lesson: Maximal Aerobic Speed (1:38)

Lesson: Estimated VO2max (1:53)

Lesson: Estimated Anaerobic Threshold (1:45)

A quick run-down of different conditioning tests you can perform to assess your overall conditioning. While they don't indicate if you're fit enough to fight (no conditioning test should), they can provide data to influence your programming.


Module 5: What Are We Conditioning For?

Lesson: What Are We Conditioning For? (2:45)

Lesson: Avoid These Common Conditioning Mistakes (4:29)

This module redefines conditioning. What is it really? And how many combat athletes make the same conditioning mistakes hampering their progress.


Module 6: Piecing It All Together

Lesson: High/Low Training Model (3:41)

Lesson: Where Should You Prioritize Energy System Development & Why? (9:45)

Lesson: (MARCH 2022 UPDATE) High Intensity Repeated Efforts (6.00)

Lesson: The Importance Of High Outputs (2:05)

Lesson: The Funnel System (2:31)

Lesson: Volume vs. Intensity (1:45)

Easily my favorite module of the course. It runs through my research behind my conditioning philosophy which I'm passing on to you. It also expands on the funnel system as a way of planning your conditioning effectively.


Module 7: Example Programs

Lesson: General Preparation Phase (3:46)

Lesson: GPP Modalities (8:31)

Lesson: GPP Block Examples (4:20)

Lesson: Specialized Preparation Phase Modalities (4:18)

Lesson: SPP Block Examples (3:21)

Lesson: Peaking Modalities & Examples (5:10)

Lesson: How To Schedule A Training Week (3:14)

Lesson: (MARCH 2022 UPDATE) Grappling Case Study (9.27)

Lesson: (MARCH 2022 UPDATE) Striking Case Study (7.38)

Lesson: (MARCH 2022 UPDATE) MMA Case Study (9.21)

This will be the most practical module of the course where you can see some example conditioning blocks and how you can do this yourself.


Course Bonus!

Conditioning Cheat Sheet

This conditioning cheat sheet sums up all of the practical information in the course into a few pages that will allow you to quickly gloss over it when planning or deciding how you will plan your own conditioning.

This will make it VERY EASY for you to choose which conditioning modalities to choose.

About The Course Teacher,
(James de Lacey)

James has completed his Masters in Sport & Exercise Science graduating out of one of the top Sport Science universities in the world, AUT in Auckland, New Zealand.

Since then, he has published two scientific studies, been a strength & conditioning coach to professional, elite, and international level athletes in 3 different countries, and has continued to share his knowledge in major fitness publications such as Tnation, STACK Magazine, and Science For Sport.

James is an educator at heart and loves to teach athletes and coaches the nuances of strength & conditioning. He is not one to keep what he does close to his heart, so expect to get all of the nitty gritty details you won't find anywhere else!

Here’s What People Are Saying About James

Kaz Adams

BJJ Purple Belt, New Zealand

His understanding and application are beyond comparable. 

James is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate coaches I’ve ever had the opportunity of working with. His understanding and application of the many facets of Strength and Conditioning is beyond comparable. Not only does he bring professionalism and vast experience to novice all the way to elite level, he is also patient and clinical when it comes to coaching. If you get the chance to work with him it will be one of the best opportunities you ever experience.

Mona Pretorius de Lacey

6x Karate World Champion, South Africa

Results speak for themselves.

James is a very knowledgeable coach. His passion and love for combat sports shows in his coaching, writing, and courses and the results speak for themselves.

Lito Angeles

Author "Fight Night," Retired 29 Year Police Officer

He's able to break down complex topics and make them easily understandable for the layman.

James de Lacey is, without question, one of the very best strength & conditioning coaches I've come across. His depth of knowledge in strength & conditioning, especially as it applies to combat sports, is exceptional, second-to-none. He conveys his comprehensive knowledge with carefully thought out programs that are sensible and efficient in a clear and concise writing style. He's able to break down complex topics and make them easily understandable for the layman. This is one sign that someone knows what they're talking about and James definitely knows what he is talking about in spades.

World Class Conditioning Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Matter Which Combat Sport I Do?

This course is for any martial artist. The principles and methods taught in this online course transcend all combat sports and can be applied to them all.

How Long Do I Have Access To The Course?

After purchase, you will have lifetime access to the course, 24/7.

Is This Course All Online?

Yes, this course is 100% online.

Will The Course Be Updated?

As I continue to learn and upskill myself, I will be updating the course with any new knowledge I obtain.

How Long Is The Course?

This course runs a little over 90 minutes of video content.

What If I'm Not Satisfied With The Course?

While I believe you will gain immense value from this course, if you are not satisfied, you have 30 days after purchase to claim a refund no questions asked.

World Class Conditioning Course

Never gas out again



  • World Class Conditioning Course
  • Lifetime Access
  • Conditioning Cheat Sheet Bonus
  • Free Lifetime Updates
Course Bundle + 1 on 1 Coaching

Starts at:



  • Everything In Course Bundle
  • Personalized Strength & Conditioning Programming For One Month
  • Unlimited Email Communication

A Note From Me

This online course is everything that I've learned through hours of research and application condensed into actionable, video bites.

I'm not one to hold things close to my heart. I want to share the knowledge I've acquired because many people have helped and shared with me along the way.

My hope with this course is that you will be one more combat athlete to move away from lung busting, vomit inducing "finishers" and embracing a structured conditioning approach that will level up your gym and competition performances.

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