Training Programs

Strength Train Like A Professional Boxer

Powerlifting and Bodybuilding programs may get you stronger or bigger, but it won't transfer to devastating knockout power. This program is scientifically designed using proven methods influenced from my work with International boxing athletes.

Underground Boxing Conditioning System

Contrary to popular belief, did you know that boxing is a predominantly aerobic sport? Many "experts" will lead you to believe otherwise, resulting in gassing out early in the fight. This conditioning system will tune you up for a massive boxing gas tank.

Dominate The Cage

Modern day MMA requires you to be strong. If you're not, being stuck on your back on the canvas or against the cage is a real threat to your win record. You can't just use any strength training program. It needs to be designed specifically for MMA.

Underground MMA Conditioning System

UFC Countdown is not where you should be copying your conditioning training. This program will give you the blueprint for the ultimate conditioning development so you never gas out in the cage.

Dominate The Mats

Technique is the most important aspect of BJJ/grappling performance. But want to increase your chances of landing submissions, finishing takedowns, and maintaining position? This program will have you man handling your opponents making them ready to tap.

Underground Grappling Conditioning System

"Just roll more" they say. Only problem is you've tried this and you still don't feel any fitter. Just tired and fatigued. This underground conditioning system will provide you exactly what to do to build your grappling gas tank.