Sweet Science Of Fighting Acquires IJudgeFights

Sweet Science Of Fighting, already a leading name in the combat sports/martial arts industry in physical preparation and strength & conditioning, has now acquired IJudgeFights.com. This acquisition further bolsters Sweet Science Of Fighting’s premier name in the industry. This took place on 13th March 2023.

What Did IJudgeFights Do?

IJudgeFights.com was a leading MMA and combat sports news site with their own MMA judging app. They led in breaking news on professional boxing and MMA

What Does SweetScienceofFighting.com Do?

Since 2020, Sweet Science Of Fighting has been the definitive resource for those that want to develop elite-level strength and conditioning through scientifically backed and real-world testing training methods.

Sweet Science Of Fighting was founded by James de Lacey who works as a strength & conditioning coach for professional athletes and teams around the world including national and international level athletes. He holds a Master’s degree in Sport & Exercise Science and is a published researcher in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research.

This is why he created this website to help amateur and professional fighters to cut through the vast amount of training information available and distill it down to exactly what will help them dominate the mats, cage, and ring.

James has recruited a great team of P.h.D’s working in combat sports and martial arts enthusiasts to add their expertise within a private community within the SSOF Underground.

Why MMA?

Sweet Science of Fighting specializes in physical preparation for MMA. MMA is a rapidly growing combat sport because of the global reach of the UFC. However, MMA training practices have a lot to be desired and is often poorly managed.

Strength training for MMA is clouded with endless MMA circuit training and misses the fundamentals of getting strong and powerful. MMA conditioning often follows suit with random exercises placed together being called “sport specific” or endless red lining to fatigue.

There are better approaches that involve logical programming based on scientific reasoning and experience working with professional athletes, which the SSOF Underground Membership provides.

For example, an HIIT for MMA approach to conditioning and appropriately dosing plyometrics to punch harder and finish takedowns. If you’re a beginner to MMA, there’s some equipment you’ll need to get started.

MMA gloves, boxing gloves, MMA shin guards, MMA shorts, rash guard, and an MMA cup. Having a gear bag to keep it all in is also helpful!

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