Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag/Backpack Review (2023)

February 9, 2023

Are you after a duffel bag or backpack to carry your martial arts gear? Well now, you don't have to choose! Revgear has designed a unique bag that doubles as a duffel bag and backpack. But does it do a good job of both?


  • Transforms between a duffel bag and backpack, so you have versatility based on your daily needs.
  • Made from heavy-duty materials, so zips won't break and the material won't rip with use.
  • Mesh side pockets to put sweaty gear.


  • Only one big pocket so you can separate training gear from other things.
Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag Backpack

Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag/Backpack Rating

The Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag/Backpack is the only duffel bag you'll ever need. Bonus points it doubles as a backpack!








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Revgear Travel Locker XL Backpack

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Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag Review

Material & Quality

Even if Revgear stopped making other equipment and only had gear bags, I'd still be happy. The Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag is epic! The quality of the material they used is far better than the typical backpack from the local sports store.

It is made from heavy-duty nylon, and the zips are double the thickness of a regular zip. This means you aren’t going to have problems with zips breaking when you pack your bag too full. The nylon shoulder strap also has a moveable pad, so it doesn't dig into you when carrying.


As this is a duffel bag, there is one main pocket. So when turned into a backpack, everything inside falls to the bottom. Pack it as a backpack if you are going to use it as such.

Outside of the main pocket, there are small mesh pockets on the side. These mesh pockets are small but large enough to fit a sweaty rash guard and shorts.

To show you how large the duffel bag is, I’ve loaded 3 of my A3-sized Gi’s, my rash guard, and shorts.

Revgear BJJ Gear Duffel Bag

There's still plenty of room for other gear you'd want to fit. Not to mention you probably won't be taking three gis to the gym.

If you’re doing BJJ and MMA or a striking art back-to-back, this will easily fit your gloves, shin guards, and anything else you need. This is one of the main reasons I rated this the best BJJ duffel bag.


Revgear BJJ Gear Bag

This is a huge bag making it perfect for fighters needing to take a lot of gear to the gym for training. Or for someone who needs a bag to hold their training gear and work equipment.

If you’re looking for a bag that doubles as a work bag, I recommend the Revgear Travel Locker XL Backpack, as it has a laptop compartment. This duffel bag has you covered if you're training multiple combat sports back-to-back.


The Revgear Transformer Duffel bag is adequately padded on the bottom and with the straps. The bottom padding protects your back when wearing it as a backpack. The shoulder straps are padded, so they don't dig into you. This includes the large strap when carrying it as a duffel bag.


The Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag/Backpack is $69.99 ($63 when you use code "SWEETSCIENCE"), so is on the higher end of martial arts bag prices. However, you're paying for a large quality bag that will fit everything you need for training and will last forever.


The ultra-convenience of having a duffel bag and backpack in one bag is the big selling point of the Revgear Transformer Duffel/Backpack. If you get tired of carrying a duffel, throw it on your back as a backpack. It's easily one of the highest-quality duffel bags I own.

Use code "SWEETSCIENCE" for 10% OFF

Revgear Transformer Duffel Bag/Backpack

Use Code "SWEETSCIENCE" for 10% OFF

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