BOXRAW Sokudo Jump Rope Review (2024)

August 19, 2022

Skipping rope has long been a staple of boxing training because it works multiple aspects simultaneously. Because you can do it for long periods, it improves footwork and rhythm and builds aerobic capacity. Jumping rope has been adopted by the fitness industry, and many different rope models are available. Still, we are looking for what works best for the needs of a boxer.

One of the best, if not the best, options for pugilists is the BOXRAW Sokudo speed rope. BOXRAW is an apparel and equipment company specializing in boxing, and their rope certainly backs up their claims. But let's see what the fuss is all about.

BOXRAW Sokudo Speed Rope

BOXRAW Sokudo Speed Rope Review


To start, we will take a look at what the official features are:

  • World's first left & right sided handles
  • Slim aluminum ergonomic design
  • 3.9m PVC rope
  • Adjustable length stoppers
  • Carry pouch
  • Handle: 100% Aluminium
  • Rope: 100% PVC

The main selling point of the rope is the unique handles. The Sokudo is the first rope to feature left and right handles, each designed for optimal hand, wrist, and finger placement. Each handle has a slightly different angle that ensures total control over the rope and decreases fatigue in the hand and wrist.

BOXRAW Sokudo Jump Rope Handles

The handle is made from 100% aluminum, which makes it light but durable. The rope is made of PVC with a reasonable amount of weight.

Packaging and instructions

Like the BOXRAW sauna suit I reviewed, the speed rope makes a perfect first impression. It comes in a stylish black box with the name Sokudo on top. The name is in Japanese and means "speed."

BOXRAW Sokudo Jump Rope Packaging

Inside the box, there is a card with instructions. Still, if that is not clear enough, there is also a video on the BOXRAW website with full instructions on assembling the rope. The black carrying pouch with a stylish BOXRAW logo is a nice touch.

The rope is adjustable, and it comes in 3.9 meters. I am 1.83 m. high (6 feet even) and had to cut quite a bit of the rope, so I believe it is suitable even for very tall people.

Some people do not pay much attention to packaging and other small details. Still, I like nice things, and BOXRAW products are excellent. The box, pouch, and overall presentation make the product feel premium.

Using The Rope

I am happy to say that once you begin using the BOXRAW speed rope, the positive impressions continue. The handles are both comfortable and stylish. What distinguishes them is their comfort when used left and right as intended. A flat surface to rest your thumbs on gives you complete control over the rope.

BOXRAW Speed Rope Handle

The overall weight is perfect for a speed rope, and it keeps up with you even if you sprint with it. I am sure it is perfect for double and even triple unders, but my rope skipping skills are not quite good enough for that. But as far as speed goes, the Sokudo lives up to its name.

Durability-wise, the BOXRAW jump rope seems very solid. I plan on using the Sokudo solely from now on, as other jump ropes now feel clumsy, but from my initial impressions, this is a rope you can use for years to come. 

The aluminum handles will wear down, and the PVC rope will last long if used in the gym. Concrete may shorten its life, but I doubt that will be too bad.

The only "downside," if you can call it that, is that you are better off skipping with shoes. The rope's material allows for high speeds while maintaining control, but the extra weight means hitting your toes hurts a lot.

The Sokudo rope is better suited for boxers in their boxing shoes than for barefoot MMA fighters. That is unless you want to condition your toes for front kicks.


At $45, the BOXRAW jump rope is pricey. Everyone agrees that cheap general store ropes are rubbish. Still, other reasonably priced options on the market are decent and will serve you well.

With BOXRAW, you know you're getting a premium product designed and marketed specifically for boxers, but that comes at a certain price. I guarantee the Sokudo rope is worth the investment if you have the money.


  • Ergonomic handles - the ergonomic and world-first left and right handles on a jumping rope make a difference. It may not be profound, but the comfort and control are excellent.
  • High speed - the name Sokudo which means speed, is fitting for the Boxraw rope. Proficient users can reach very high speeds while maintaining complete control over the rope.
  • Adjustable rope - the adjustable length of the rope is not an innovation in any way, but the full length is enough even for very tall athletes.
  • Durability and feel - The Sokudo rope feels premium and will likely last you years to come.


  • Price - at $45, this rope is quite expensive. There are cheaper alternatives that, while not as good in features and feel, will still do a very good job for less money,

BOXRAW Sokudo Speed Rope

About the author 

Plamen Kostov

Plamen has been training for the last 14 years in karate and kickboxing, before settling in for MMA for the last 5 years. He has a few amateur kickboxing fights and currently trains with and helps a stable of professional and amateur MMA fighters.


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