Best Kickboxing Gloves (2024): Coach’s Top Picks

March 9, 2023

Most striking combat sports have adopted boxing gloves, and some have made small adjustments to the design and features to match the demands of the style. The most significant separation is between traditional boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves.

Kickboxing as a sport falls somewhere in the middle, and while all types of gloves can be used if they are the right size, it is best to be informed about the specifics before making the best choice.

As someone who has been in kickboxing for a decade and testing boxing gloves for a living more recently, I have compiled a list of some of the best kickboxing gloves you can buy.

Fairtex BGVG1 Glory Kickboxing Gloves

Best Kickboxing Gloves

Best Kickboxing Gloves For Beginners

Hit N Move All Day Boxing Gloves

Best Kickboxing Gloves For Heavy Bag



Fairtex BGVG1 Glory Kickboxing Gloves

Dedicated kickboxing gloves are few and far between. But Fairtex, being such a big-name brand, have a wide range of gloves with a different focus. They have collaborated with one of the most prominent kickboxing organizations on the planet, Glory, to make the ultimate kickboxing gloves, used both in competition and in training.

The Fairtex x Glory gloves, or the BGVG1 as is their model code, are placed between traditional boxing gloves and full-on Muay Thai-style gloves. K-1 style kickboxing has very little clinching, and this model is more of a boxer's glove than a Thai-style one.

The BGVG1 has a mid-length cuff and an average amount of padding on both sides of the wrist to ensure wrist stability while allowing some mobility.

The punching surface is nice and flat, like on a puncher's glove, and the thumb is also a hybrid between boxing and Muay Thai styles.

Quality-wise, the BGVG model is excellent. Just like with all Fairtex gloves, these are handmade in Thailand from high-quality genuine leather, and there are no flaws in the craftsmanship or materials used. And they are very reasonably priced for what they offer. In my opinion, Fairtex could've put a higher price, and it would still be completely fair.

The Fairtex-Glory model is a versatile glove that, if bought 14 ounces (like the pair I have) or 16 oz, can be easily used for heavy bag work and sparring.

Better gloves may be on the market, but few are designed specifically with kickboxers in mind. The Fairtex x Glory model knows its target buyers well and caters to them on all fronts, from design features to visuals, which makes these a no-brainer for any aspiring kickboxer.

You can read my in-depth breakdown in my Fairtex Glory Kickboxing Gloves review.


  • Excellent craftsmanship and quality because these are handmade in Thailand from high-quality genuine leather
  • Versatile gloves suitable for all training needs
  • Great price for the quality and design
  • Glory logos and tags, further speaking to the kickboxing pedigree of model


  • No ventilation on the palm and thumb
  • The thumb has a strange angle which I don’t find very comfortable
Fairtex BGVG1 Glory Kickboxing Gloves

Fairtex BGVG1 Glory Kickboxing Gloves

Best Kickboxing Gloves for Beginners

Venum Impact Boxing Gloves

Beginner kickboxers need suitable quality gloves at a reasonable price, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Venum Impact gloves. They are one of the most popular Venum models for a good reason.

The Venum Impact boxing gloves are a hybrid model with design features aimed at a wide array of preferences, which is what beginner's gloves should do. They have well-rounded padding on all sides, some padding on the wrist, and a big cushion on the palm, making them perfect for parrying and kickboxing drills.

The synthetic materials are nothing special but have a nice feeling even before considering the price. I have used a pair for a long time, and they held surprisingly well, so durability won't be an issue. For this price especially, I can say the quality is outstanding.

The Venum impacts have many color options. Some of Venum's other series, like the hugely popular Gladiator, are also basically the same gloves but with different visuals. Design and marketing have always been strong sides of Venum.

The extensive padding on the palm makes these unsuitable for clinching, so keep this in mind. Another good thing is they are very compact on the outside and snug on the inside, making them good boxing gloves for people with small hands.

All in all, a great hybrid glove, the Venum Impact packs a lot of punch for its price and is a perfect option for beginners who are not ready to buy more expensive gloves.


  • Great durability and production quality for the price
  • Perfect for Dutch-style kickboxing drills thanks to padding on the palm
  • Compact design making them suitable for small hands
  • Well rounded and balanced padding


  • Not great for clinching due to padded palm
  • Below-average wrist protection

Venum Impact Boxing Gloves

Best Kickboxing Gloves For Heavy Bag

Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves

Hit N Move All Day Boxing Gloves

Our favorite boxing gloves, the Hit N Move All Day Balance, are markedly boxing-style gloves but can also be used in kickboxing. For example, I love these gloves and use them all the time for striking sparring, including kicks.

But their outstanding knuckle protection and exceptional wrist support make them ideal for long and hard heavy bag sessions.

The wrist is heavily padded on both sides. The gloves feel like a brace, which is not ideal for clinching and catching kicks. Still, it is perfect for letting your hands go on the heavy bag without any worries of possible injuries, so I have chosen them as the best model for heavy bag training. Even the most powerful punches on a stiff heavy bag won't hurt your knuckles.

The Hit N Move All Day gloves are made from high-quality grained leather; the stitching is perfect, and the lining is premium. The overall craftsmanship is flawless, as is the feel and design of the gloves. The All-Day gloves are surprisingly compact and not bulky for the protection they offer.

The only thing which may stop you from picking these up is the premium price. It is justified by the quality and comfort of the gloves, but not everyone has the spare money to buy premium gloves. You can view my full Hit N Move All Day Boxing Gloves review here.


  • High quality grained leather that will last forever
  • Compact but protective at the same time
  • Wrist stability and padding make them perfect for hard, heavy bag sessions
  • Great for both sparring and heavy bag work


  • Very expensive
  • Not designed with kickboxing in mind, so catching kicks, clinching, and holding are less comfortable than other gloves
Hit N Move All Day Boxing Gloves

Hit N Move All Day Balance Boxing Gloves

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Best Kickboxing Gloves For Muay Thai

Yokkao Matrix Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Yokkao Matrix Muay Thai Gloves

There are a few excellent options for those looking for signature Thai-style design gloves, which some kickboxers prefer. Still, quality-wise, Yokkao takes the top spot. They boast the traditional design with a short wrist cuff, open palm, elongated fingers, and solid padding on the outside of the palm used to block kicks, knees, and elbows.

The padding is evenly distributed, which makes the gloves a bit bulky, but this is a deliberate feature that protects your hand from all sides and angles. Yokkao always manages to take the best parts of other brands' products and combine them into a better version.

As attested in our Yokkao Matrix Gloves review, they are produced with high-quality materials that guarantee exceptional longevity. Aesthetics-wise, Yokkao offers a large selection ranging from classic single-color designs to funky and vibrant ones.

If you are looking for great well-rounded kickboxing gloves in a traditional Muay Thai style, Yokkao is your best choice. They are more expensive than other comparable gloves, but Yokkao makes that up with the quality of materials and production. It's why they are ranked #1 best Muay Thai gloves.


  • Perfect Muay Thai style design and features
  • Very protective from all sides
  • High quality materials guaranteeing exceptional durability
  • Lots of cool designs and colors


  • More expensive than the competition
Yokkao Matrix Muay Thai Gloves

Yokkao Matrix Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

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Best Kickboxing Gloves For Women

Sanabul Hyperstrike

Boxing gloves are unisex and can be used by both men and women. Still, women usually have smaller hands, and most regular gloves are too big and bulky for them. Until recently, there weren't any special women's models, just color variations of standard ones.

Sanabul has created a couple of models designed specifically for female fighters.

Their newest best product in the segment is called the Sanabul Hyperstrike. It caters to the needs of ladies in the gym by featuring a sleek, narrow shape that fits smaller hands. The wrist support is also narrower to ensure all the stability needed in boxing or kickboxing training.

The padding is triple layers, and the hand compartment is again designed for women. There are a few color options, all of which look very slick. One feature I don't like is the full mesh palm, which will likely not last as long as if it was in leather, but this is more of a personal preference.

But this feature may also make the Hyperstrike model perfect for more cardio-oriented kickboxing classes many ladies attend. There is no parrying or blocking incoming punches or kicks to destroy the mesh. Still, at the same time, ventilation is always welcome.   

Ladies have little choice for kickboxing gloves made for them. Still, the Sanabul Hyperstrike is an excellent model that should satisfy most needs.


  • Specifically designed for women
  • Sleek and narrow design
  • Wrist support and hand compartment suitable for thin wrists and small hands
  • The ventilation makes these perfect for ladies doing cardio kickboxing classes


  • The Full mesh palm is not as durable as the main material

Sanabul Hyperstrike

How To Pick The Best Kickboxing Gloves


Boxing gloves generally come in three main styles: traditional, Muay Thai, and hybrid. Each sport has slightly different demands, and style-specific gloves match those demands. We will take a closer look at the differences in the next paragraph, but before buying, you must first choose a style of glove that matches your own.

With slight differences, each good-quality pair of gloves can be used for all styles without worries. But the subtle changes make certain aspects like punching, blocking kicks, or clinching feel better.

I have chosen the Fairtex x Glory gloves as the best for kickboxing exactly because they sit in between classing boxing gloves and Mua Thai gloves, which is where the sport of kickboxing also is.


Boxing gloves are measured in ounces; depending on your weight, you will need different glove sizes. The heavier the glove, the more protection it offers to your hands and your training partners. Sparring with less than 14-ounce gloves is not recommended for men, and if you are over 180–190 lbs., you should always spar with 16-ounce gloves.

On the heavy bag, 12 ounces usually are your best bet. Still, it's cheaper and more practical to buy a single 14-ounce pair of good quality all-around gloves you can use for everything. This roundup review has some excellent versatile gloves, perfect for this purpose. 

Kickboxing Gloves


The two types of wrist closure in gloves are Velcro and lace-up. We have chosen only Velcro gloves for the roundup because they are much easier to use.

The lace-up gloves are very comfortable, but you will need help putting them on properly every time. Hence, most people use Velcro gloves for training and lace-ups only for competition. Still, you can choose from some models offered in both versions.


Despite what some may try to persuade you, genuine leather is the best material for boxing gloves. It has a better feel, is more durable, and has some other benefits. But it is usually more expensive, and some people believe using genuine leather products is not ethical.

This is where synthetic alternatives come into play, and the higher-quality ones are very good. It's almost impossible to notice a difference from the real thing without close inspection.

Generally, buying better gloves with better leather, stitching, and padding is a worthwhile investment, so if you have the means, you should always opt for higher-quality gear.

What is The Difference Between Boxing and Kickboxing Gloves

The differences between boxing and kickboxing gloves are subtle. They can be easily missed if you are not experienced enough and have only used a couple of different pairs. Technically speaking, there are few specific kickboxing gloves; they are usually somewhere between traditional boxing gloves and full-on Muay Thai gloves.

Kickboxing gloves are a hybrid between the two. Still, you are perfectly fine with using either boxing or Muay Thai gloves depending on your preferences, just like most people do. Still, here are the differences between boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai gloves.

Can You Use Kickboxing Gloves For Boxing


The padding of a boxing glove largely determines its weight. While all gloves are measured in ounces, the padding distribution between boxing and kickboxing/Muay Thai gloves differs. In classic boxing gloves, the padding is concentrated on the knuckles and less on the side and top of the glove.

In contrast, gloves for sports involving kicks, knees, and elbows distribute the padding more evenly around the glove to help absorb the impact from heavy skin and bone blows.

This padding distribution is why Thai-style kickboxing gloves are rounder and generally squarer when compared to narrower аnd longer boxing gloves.

Wrist Support

Clinching is essential in Muay Thai and less important in kickboxing, but it still exists. This is why Thai-style gloves have shorter cuffs and a less stiff wrist to allow more movement and control in the clinch.

On the other hand, boxing gloves aim to keep the wrist and hand as tight as possible to minimize injuries. This is why boxing gloves usually have padding on both sides of the wrist, while Thai-style gloves don't.


The thumb design differences can be very subtle. Still, they are again geared towards catching kicks and having better hand control when clinching.

The kickboxing-style thumb is usually more open and less tucked in than boxing gloves. But basically, every brand does thumb placement a bit differently, so you have to try and find what you like the most.


The last design difference between boxing and kickboxing gloves is in the palm, which follows the same principles as the wrist support and thumb designs and allows for better clinches.

But additionally, there is often another layer of padding on the palm of kickboxing gloves that helps with blocking knees and using the gloves as pads for Dutch-style drills, which are very popular in kickboxing.

Frequently Asked Kickboxing Gloves Questions

Can You Use Boxing Gloves For Kickboxing?

Yes, you can. The differences between boxing and kickboxing gloves are subtle. They are there to make some specific aspects of the sport easier, like blocking kicks or holding someone in a clinch.

But these things are more of a personal choice. I, for one, like the feel of boxing gloves more than Thai-style gloves and prefer using more boxer-oriented gloves for kickboxing because they fit my style better.

Can You Use Kickboxing Gloves For Boxing?

Again, it's all up to you. You can use whichever you prefer as long as you keep your hands healthy and your training partners and coaches are satisfied with your sparring gloves.

But using kickboxing gloves for boxing does not provide any benefits. But if you have kickboxing or Thai-style gloves you love, you can use them for pure boxing training without any issues. 

What Oz Gloves For Kickboxing?

Glove sizes are determined mainly by your weight. Many kickboxing gyms recommend, if not require, that sparring is done with 16-ounce gloves or, at the very least 14-ounce gloves. So, you will need at least a pair in this size for sparring. Women and men in the lightest weight divisions can go down to 12 ounces.

Heavy bag gloves are all about personal preference. Some like all the protection they can get and train with 16-ounce gloves. Others prefer to condition their hands and can go for the very thin bag mitts.

As a beginner, it would be best to pick up a single pair of 14 or 16-ounce gloves that are reasonably good for everything and use for all your training needs.


As one of the few dedicated kickboxing gloves on the market, the Fairtex Glory model leads the SSOF list for best kickboxing gloves.

Then I have listed some cheaper alternatives, premium gloves, the best for women, and the best full Muay Thai style. Go over all the information I have shared here, and you can make a good choice for your kickboxing gloves.

Fairtex BGVG1 Glory Kickboxing Gloves

Fairtex BGVG1 Glory Kickboxing Gloves

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